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Life at PadSplit

PadSplit can answer all of your questions or concerns through our support channels. You can reach us by email, phone, chat or through the Member Dashboard. For detailed contact information, please see
PadSplit thermostats are programmed to the temperatures recommended by the utility provider. Only the Host or the Host's property management team may change the temperature on a home's thermostat. Thi
PadSplit Members are responsible for keeping track of their codes, keys and privacy locks. Please see our policies and guidance for lockouts according to lock type below. Smartlock: If your code is
Most PadSplit homes come with a variety of places to park, including a driveway, a carport or street spots. Please note that there are no assigned parking spots. Occasionally, a Host may restrict veh
We understand that co-living can sometimes be hard. At times, you'll run into problems with your housemates. Common problems include: Food being eaten by another Member Messiness by another Member Ru

Member Perks

Teladoc is a virtual healthcare company that uses telephone, videoconferencing and mobile apps to provide you with on demand, remote medical care. PadSplit is happy to offer this service free to all M
How do I know if I have access to Teladoc? Teladoc is made available to you through your membership with PadSplit. Members must opt in to this service. To join, please follow these two steps: Notify
Wonolo is an on-demand staffing platform that connects job seekers and businesses looking to fill their labor needs.
How does Esusu provide rental assistance? PadSplit now offers active members financial assistance through Esusu’s Rent Relief program. This is a 0% interest loan. Please note: If you are facing finan
We currently report on time payments to Equifax and TransUnion via a third-party service provider, Esusu Financial. Through our Esusu partnership, over 2,700 PadSplit Members have established a credit

Booking a Room

Once you are a PadSplit Member, you will be able to view and request to book any available room. For rooms that are instant book, which is the PadSplit default, your booking will be automatically co
PadSplit is expanding very quickly, with new homes added every week! We highly recommend completing the application process so that you can be the first in line to pick the newest available rooms. A
No, PadSplit does not allow pets of any kind. Service and Emotional Support Animals are not considered pets and will be allowed in PadSplit homes, if approved. Service and Emotional Support Animals
PadSplit room availability changes frequently. After your Membership is approved, you'll be able to book your room for a move-in date up to 2 weeks out. PadSplit cannot hold rooms outside of our stand
Yes! Bathroom type is listed in the room description as either shared or private. Please note, PadSplit has a limited availability of rooms with private bathrooms.

Membership Rules

It is important for the happiness and safety of the entire PadSplit community that all Members adhere to the Membership Rules. A violation of these rules is subject to our Three Keys Policy. What i
By engaging PadSplit for housing you are assuming the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19 while on the premises. If a Member has a fever (100.4°F/38°C or higher), cough or trouble breathing they
Each PadSplit member has a score based on ratings from hosts and other members in your home. This score and the accompanying feedback is only visible to you and your host. Other members in the home wi
At PadSplit, we want Members to feel empowered to help correct rule violations in their home. If you see a Membership Rule being violated, please submit a Rule Violation Report in your dashboard. Fill
Violations of PadSplit's Membership Rules can result in fines and charges for damages incurred. PadSplit or your Host may issue a fine in association with a second Key removal (see, Three Keys Policy

How to Navigate the PadSplit Dashboard

Forgot your password? Follow the steps below to reset your password from the Sign In screen.If you would like to change your current password, log into your Member Dashboard, click on "Settings" and c
Parking at a PadSplit varies by property. If parking is available at your home, it will be visible in your room's listing before booking. Members may only bring a vehicle if it is registered for an op
Changing your email address is easy. Log into your Member Dashboard, click on "Settings" and change your email address there. Click "Save Changes" and you're good to go.
The lock codes to your home and room will be emailed to you the morning of your move-in day. Please keep an eye out for this important email! The lock codes to your home and room are also available i
PadSplit's Membership Rules can be viewed in two places: The Membership Rules are posted here. You can view the Membership Rules by clicking the "Membership Rules" button on your Member Dashboard. Pa

Resources for Members

If you are facing food insecurity, can help you find free or reduced-cost local resources.
If you are having difficultly finding housing, can help you find free or reduced-cost local resources.
If you are in need of legal services, can help you find free or reduced-cost local resources.
If you are having difficulty paying your dues, can help you find free or reduced-cost local resources.In addition, PadSplit now offers active members financial assistance through Esusu’s
If you are in need of mental health counseling, can help you find free or reduced-cost local resources.

Transfers and Move-Outs

PadSplit offers a large network of homes that our Members can easily transfer to. If you no longer wish to live at your current property, you may initiate a transfer through your dashboard at any time
In all cases, refunds take at least one week to process. Members wishing to cancel a move-out may do so as long as the cancellation occurs before their scheduled move-out date. Refund Eligibility
To schedule your move-out date, log into your Member Dashboard. Scroll down to the "Move-Out" section and click the "Request Move-Out" button. Choose your move-out date and follow the prompts. Please
Please remember that you must schedule your move-out date through the Member Dashboard. See How do I schedule my move-out date? for details on scheduling. On your scheduled move-out day, please r
If you've decided to stay in your PadSplit, canceling your move-out date is easy. Log into your Member Dashboard and scroll down to the "Move-Out" section. Click the "Cancel Move-Out" button and follo

Application Process

PadSplit is a community of shared responsibilities where each Member pledges to abide by the Membership Rules. In order to ensure the happiness and safety of the entire PadSplit community, PadSplit re
PadSplit offers Memberships that provide access to a private room with furniture, utilities, internet and laundry usage all in one fixed, weekly payment. The rooms are hosted by outside property owner
When you apply to PadSplit, we may review your credit history. However, your credit history is not a factor in the approval process. Your credit will be reviewed via a “soft-pull” that is unlikely t
Your income must be verified as part of PadSplit's application process. Applicants may choose to have their income verified in one of two ways: By connecting their bank account via Plaid. Plaid will
The application fee is non-refundable at this time. Please review our Membership criteria here.


Both PadSplit and our Hosts are committed to providing affordable housing for Members, however sometimes rate increases are necessary for a Host to continue operations. Hosts must adhere to the follow
In order to avoid a late fee, your balance must be $0 by the end of your Dues Day. A late fee of $25 is added: When your Membership payment is late (payments are considered late when they are paid a
Members are able to pay weekly or biweekly (once every two weeks) on the day of the week that they select. Your payment schedule is selected during the booking process. You can change your payment sch
To make a payment, log into your Member Dashboard and click on the "Finances" tab. Click the "Pay Now" button and fill in your payment information. Click the "Submit Payment" button to finish.
Membership dues are billed on a recurring basis every week or two weeks, depending on the Member's selection. Because of the recurring nature of these dues, PadSplit requires an active payment card to

Moving In

You can cancel your move-in through your Member Dashboard. Please Note: Refunds will be issued based on the day and time of your cancellation (see chart below). Refunds will take at least one week to
You can move in during your particular home’s move-in hours, which are determined by your Host. To find your move-in hours, check your dashboard before move-in day. If you attempt to move-in outside o
We want your PadSplit to feel like home! Please see our recommendations and rules for items you may bring to a PadSplit below: Items you CAN bring: Small tables Small lamps Mini-Fridge A TV Items
PadSplit Hosts are committed to providing quality rooms for Members. If you experience an issue during move-in we want to help! 1. Text your Host. The day before your move-in, an SMS line between you
For security purposes, the lock codes for PadSplits are not provided until a Member's move-in day. On your move-in day, you'll receive a Welcome Email from PadSplit. This email will include your addre
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