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What can I bring to a PadSplit?

Last updated January 19, 2023

We want your PadSplit to feel like home! Please see our recommendations and rules for items you may bring to a PadSplit below:

Items you CAN bring:

  • Small tables
  • Small lamps
  • Mini-Fridge
  • A TV

Items you will NEED to bring:

  • Linens (sheets, towels, etc)
  • Kitchen items (plates, pots, pans, dishes and utensils)
  • Cleaning Supplies (sponges, dish soap, etc)

Items that are NOT ALLOWED:

  • Large pieces of furniture such as beds, desks, couches, dressers or mattresses
  • Space heaters
  • No kitchen appliances of any kind (microwaves, toaster ovens, hot plates, fryers, etc.) are permitted in bedrooms.
  • Pets of any kind

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