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Membership Rules

Last updated August 28, 2023

To help us ensure the happiness and safety of the entire PadSplit community, all Members are required to adhere to the Membership Rules. Please check your Member Dashboard to see if your Host has waived certain rules or added additional rules.

Violations of these rules may result in:

For more information on the penalties for rules violations, please see “Member Behavior Management at PadSplit (formerly the 3 Keys Policy)”.

The following short list of rules will apply to most PadSplits. Please check your PadSplit Dashboard to see if your Host has decided to waive any of these rules.

  • Due to the nature of co-living, there are no guests allowed in PadSplits. Only the designated Members of the home may be present at any time.
  • No animals of any kind may be kept at the home (inside or outside) except for service animals that have been pre-approved and pre-registered with PadSplit.
  • No kitchen appliances of any kind (microwaves, toaster ovens, hot plates, fryers, etc.) are permitted in bedrooms. There is no cooking permitted in bedrooms. Outdoor grills are not permitted.
  • “Quiet Time” is observed from 11:00pm to 9:00am daily. Loud music or TV’s, slamming of doors and loud voices are not permitted during this time. Members are expected to keep noise to a reasonable level at all other times.
  • You may not bring outside furniture into the home. A list of acceptable furniture can be found here.

The following list of rules apply to every PadSplit. Please check your Member Dashboard to see if your Host has added additional house rules.


  • Members may not share their entry codes with Members or non-Members.
  • PadSplit rooms are single occupancy only.
  • Only children previously approved by PadSplit prior to August 2021 are allowed in the home. Such children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. Such children may not be left in the home or in the care of another PadSplit Member who is not the child’s parent or legal guardian. All other children are not permitted in PadSplit shared housing.


  • Members are expected to keep the property clean at all times, both inside and out. Rooms must be kept clean. Common areas must be kept free of trash and personal belongings. Sinks must be kept clean and clear of items at all times. Countertops and tables must be wiped down.
  • Members must be respectful of Hosts, Host's staff, PadSplit staff and other Members at all times. Disrespectful behavior (foul language, rude behavior, yelling) is not tolerated.
  • Violence and threats towards other Members, guests, PadSplit, the Host or the Host’s staff are strictly prohibited.
  • Members agree to pay for any damage to the room or the home that they have caused.


  • There is absolutely no smoking in the home. Smoking is the leading cause of home-fire deaths in the US, and as such, all forms of smoking or anything causing smoke is strictly prohibited. This means no smoking tobacco or marijuana or creating any kind of smoke (burning incense, sage, etc).
  • Candles are prohibited.


  • Do not open the PadSplit for anyone you don’t know. All PadSplit staff, contractors, and prospective Members will be provided temporary access codes.
  • Replacing, altering, or damaging any locks on the property is strictly prohibited.
  • As the second leading cause of death from home fires, space heaters of any kind are strictly prohibited in the home.
  • The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate Membership termination and prosecution.
  • Possession of firearms or weapons of any kind at the home is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate Membership termination and prosecution.
  • Using a fake identity or having another individual book a room for you is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination.


  • Our Members are responsible for conserving all utilities including power, water, gas and internet. At any time, and at the full discretion of PadSplit, utility costs may be passed onto the Members if utility consumption exceeds the budget for each home. Windows should remain closed at all times to conserve utilities.
  • Only your Host and the Host's staff may control the thermostats and other climate control equipment. Members may not adjust the thermostat at any time.


  • Members are only allowed to bring a vehicle to properties with open spaces (open spaces are shown at booking). If a Member's property has a space for their car, Members are allowed only one vehicle at a property and must register this vehicle with PadSplit.
  • Vehicles must be properly registered with the state.
  • Vehicles cannot block other vehicles, mailboxes or trash bins. Members cannot park on the grass or yard at their homes. These areas are no parking zones. When parking in a driveway, Members should make sure their vehicle does not touch a neighbor's property. Vehicles that are abandoned or blocking access will be towed at the Member's expense.
  • Members are not allowed to do work on their vehicle at a PadSplit, other than changing a flat tire.


  • Using a stolen payment method is strictly prohibited.
  • Excessive payment disputes on your account are a violation of our policy.
  • Members must ensure that the accounts they use for payments are fully funded. Failed payments from bank accounts or refunded ACH payments are a violation of our terms.


  • Members should be honest and reasonable when issuing ratings. Ratings can affect a Member’s housing and standing within PadSplit and should not be used frivolously. PadSplit reserves the right to terminate Members who are found to be abusing the ratings function.
  • No furniture or fixtures may be removed from the home or bedrooms at any time. Common area furniture must remain in the common area at all times.
  • Members may not set up cameras to record in any common areas of the home.
  • PadSplit Members are responsible for taking out the trash. Trash must be placed in the proper bins. Bins must be brought out to the curb on trash day and brought back to the property once emptied.
  • Members may not operate a business from a PadSplit. This includes customer meetings of any kind inside the home or the commercial use of home resources, such as laundry or power consumption for business purposes.
  • PadSplit staff, PadSplit’s designated contractors, the Host and the Host's staff have the right to enter any room in the facility at any time without notice to ensure the safety and well-being of Members and the property.
  • PadSplit, PBC, the subsidiaries and staff of PadSplit, PBC and the homeowner are not liable for the security of any Member’s personal belongings. Possession of personal property insurance is strongly recommended for Members.
  • No foreign objects may be thrown in the toilets or sinks at any time. This includes but is not limited to feminine products, wet wipes, packaging, dental floss and hair. Fixing clogged toilets and sinks can cost several hundred dollars and these expenses will be passed directly to the Members.
  • Members may only inhabit the room that they are booked for. It is against PadSplit rules to occupy or move things into any other room in the home. Vacant rooms must remain vacant.