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What is PadSplit’s policy on violence inside of the home?

Last updated August 28, 2023

At PadSplit, the safety of our Members and Hosts is our number one priority. PadSplit takes violence very seriously.

PadSplit will utilize the following procedure in cases where violence is reported in a home:

  • PadSplit will triage the immediate report by reminding Members of the following:
    • To immediately call the police if they feel that they or someone else is in danger
    • Of their ability to file a TPO (Temporary Protective Order) with the county
    • Of their ability to transfer to another PadSplit home
  • PadSplit will alert the Host of the reported incident. The Host may then contact PadSplit if they wish to do any of the following:
    • Recommend Termination of the Membership of any Member at the property
    • Offer impacted Members financial concessions or a free transfer to another one of their PadSplit properties
  • In addition, PadSplit:
    • Will terminate the Membership of any named Member in a valid TPO (paperwork must be provided to PadSplit by Member it is issued to)
    • Will determine if any further action will be taken on our part after an internal review

If a Membership is terminated due to our violence policy, the Member will be unable to return to PadSplit.