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PadSplit uses space more efficiently to reduce and combine your living expenses — including utilities, laundry, and internet — into one fixed payment.


PadSplit provides accessible housing options closer to where you work, alleviating the stress that comes from distant commutes.


PadSplit maintains stringent requirements to ensure safety and quality so that your rental experience is comfortable, clean, and reliable.

Welcome to PadSplit

A PadSplit is a fully furnished home that is divided into private bedrooms with a shared kitchen and common space. Rent includes all utilities, on-site laundry, and internet. PadSplits are designed so that the homes are indistinguishable from any other modern, finished home in the city.

How Does PadSplit Work?

Unlike a traditional rental, PadSplit residents pay week-to-week, and their stay doesn’t require long-term commitment. A resident can stay for a week or a decade.  New residents can move in as soon as 48 hours after submitting their application, and existing residents can move to a new unit in as little as 24 hours.

"With furnishings and utilities included with PadSplit, I’m saving between $300- $400 per month, which is helping me repair my credit and save money for a down payment.
- Gregory Smith | Freelance

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