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Providing modern shared housing that rolls your main living expenses into a simple fixed payment. Now you can focus on your career, savings, or education with a great place to call home.


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A PadSplit is a home or apartment that is divided into separate furnished bedrooms with a shared kitchen, and includes utilities, laundry, and internet. PadSplits are designed and finished so that the homes are indistinguishable from any other modern and well-appointed home.


An affordable, attractive, safe place to call home


Reduced expenses, increased revenue, reduced vacancy


Workforce housing, reduced traffic & environmental impacts


Solving our Affordable Housing Crisis, one unit at a time

Teachers, firefighters, service workers, students, and the elderly all need affordable housing, but there’s just not enough in our communities.  These people deserve a safe place to call home.  PadSplit is committed to providing attractive, affordable, and accountable housing in a way that improves quality of life for residents, property owners, and communities.

For Residents: Housing that’s safe, affordable, attractive

For Property Owners: Increased revenue, reduced expenses, reduced vacancy

For Communities: Housing for workforce, reduced traffic, reduced environmental impacts



I was in an apartment for 4 years, but rent was going up, and I wanted to save money to buy a house. With utilities and furnishings included here, I’m saving between $300- $400 /month which is helping me repair my credit and save money for a down payment.


Wonderful. . . just wonderful, quiet & clean. . it’s been a great place to live, especially for a single person or couple. I’ve never lived in a situation like this before, but it definitely works for me.


I was in an apartment for 4 years, but rent was going up, and I wanted to save money to buy a house. With utilities and furnishings included here, I’m saving between $300- $400 per month which is helping me repair my credit and save money for a down payment.


“I was moving from out of state, and I wanted a place where I could just pay rent with utilities included, but this is the nicest house I’ve ever seen.”


“I don’t have any family here, and I can’t afford an apartment on my salary ($1,200/month), so this is really the best and only option that makes sense for me.  I just like to come home from work and keep to myself, and I can do that here.”


Padsplit's Benefits


Well landscaped, and professionally maintained, a PadSplit is likely to be the cutest house on the block. Updated interiors feature modern appliances and clean stylish decor. We strive to ensure that our residents are proud to call their PadSplit home, and that neighbors are happy to have one next door.


Our model is intended to be accountable to our residents, property owners, and the public.  We maintain stringent requirements that ensure safety & quality, and our website will allow residents to publicly review and rate their homes, providing strong market incentives to owners to maintain our high standards.


Because PadSplits use space more efficiently and combine all living expenses into one low fixed payment, they provide the most affordable option for singles and couples in any marketplace.  And since PadSplits provide all necessary furniture, and on-site laundry, we make it easy to move in without any significant up-front investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are PadSplits safe?

Yes.  PadSplits were designed with safety as the top priority.  Our requirements include multiple fire-safety measures including smoke alarms and 2 points of egress in every bedroom and fire extinguishers in every unit.  

Each room has a privacy lock, and each home has exterior deadbolt locks that are changed when residents relocate.  Additionally, PadSplit conducts background and criminal history checks on each resident to ensure the safety of all our guests.

Is it affordable?

PadSplits are more affordable than any housing option on the private market.  Even for residents who are living on very low fixed income, PadSplits remain a viable, affordable, and dignified living arrangement. 

By combining all utilities, furnishings, and laundry into one low fixed payment, PadSplits make budgeting very simple, without any risk of fluctuating utility costs that can be a major financial challenge for these individuals.

Are PadSplits attractive?

Yes!  PadSplits are professionally designed and managed, inside and out.  From the exterior, PadSplits are indiscernible from another well-maintained single family home. On the interior, PadSplits are professionally decorated, and cleaned regularly.

Who lives in the units?

Our residents are singles or couples that are looking for a safe, attractive, and affordable housing option.  The vast majority of our residents represent the workforce:  employed workers earning between $12,000 - $50,000/year.  We do have some older residents and veterans on fixed income that earn less than $10,000/year.

What’s the difference between a PadSplit and a roominghouse?

There are some key differences between PadSplits and roominghouses.  The most important distinction is that PadSplits are designed to meet strict standards that exceed HUD guidelines, with particular emphasis on fire-safety and energy efficiency improvements. 

As a company, PadSplit strives to be a responsible and accountable brand, with contact information posted at every home we manage.  At our core, we believe every human deserves respect, and a respectable place to call home. 

Whereas roominghouses with substandard living conditions have operated in the shadows for hundreds of years, PadSplits combine a high quality of life with public accountability and comparable pricing, so that anyone constrained by income never has to settle for living in unsafe or unsanitary housing. As hitchhiking is to Uber/Lyft, roominghouses are to PadSplits.

What’s the difference between a PadSplit and an AirBnB?

PadSplits are intended to provide long-term affordable housing for singles and couples, not temporary or vacation accommodations.  Our minimum stay is 1 week, and our residents often stay for years.  The average length of residence for PadSplits is more closely aligned with apartment industry standards.

Won’t this type of housing create a parking problem?

Fewer than 23% of our residents own a vehicle, and more than 80% regularly use public transportation.  As a result, even in homes with 6 separate rooms, PadSplits are likely to have fewer than 2 cars parked at any given time.  Prospective residents of PadSplits typically earn substantially less than the area median income, and car ownership is simply unaffordable for the vast majority of these workers.

How do PadSplits help the environment?

Since all utilities are included in one fixed price, PadSplits are designed to keep these costs as low as possible.  That means extra insulation, high efficiency water heaters, low-flow fixtures, Energy Star Appliances, LED light bulbs, and a sealed building envelope. 

Making these upgrades allows PadSplits to provide a better return on investment while remaining competitively priced for our residents.  As a result, PadSplits are  at least 35% more energy efficient than comparable rental properties, saving money and the planet.

How will PadSplit create a new market for affordable housing?

PadSplit was designed to align incentive structures between landlords, tenants, and communities.   We have tried to design a housing model that creates mixed-income communities in existing neighborhoods by aligning incentives between real estate owners, residents, and local communities. 

PadSplits take advantage of the inefficiencies in the traditional real estate market to create better cash flow for owners while providing workforce housing for singles and couples that could not afford any other housing options in the community. 

Communities and regions benefit from reduced traffic (since workers are now closer to employment centers), reduced environmental impact (resulting from reduced traffic and energy efficiency investments from landlords), reduced subsidies that would be required to house these individuals, and increased economic growth that results from mixed-income communities.

Property owner incentives

-PROFITABILITY – PadSplits can improve profitability by 20% or more
-REDUCED VACANCY COST – PadSplits have lower vacancy rates than stand-alone units
-LOWER RISK OF VANDALISM / THEFT – Because PadSplits are occupied more often by more people, risk of burglary or property vandalism is lower than traditional units.
-LOWER LONG-TERM CAPITAL EXPENDITURES – Our experience has shown us that residents are more likely to take better care of space they share with other strangers than space they occupy alone or with their families.  Combined with reduced vacancy cost, this improved behavior has resulted in fewer “hard turns,” and a reduction in ongoing capital expenditures.
BENEFICIAL SOCIAL IMPACT– Although many landlords may be motivated primarily by the improved financial performance, the PadSplit model offers socially-minded property owners the ability to “do good while doing well.”

Resident Incentives

-AFFORDABILITY – Singles in the workforce have few if any available market rate housing options in the market.  PadSplit provides a safe, affordable, and attractive option for singles and couples.
-PROXIMITY TO SERVICES – Since PadSplits use existing single family and multifamily housing stock without the need for subsidies, they can provide affordable housing in areas that were previously inaccessible closer to centers of employment, healthcare or human services.
-CONVENIENCE – Since PadSplits include all utilities,  furnishings, wifi, and laundry into one fixed payment, residents have less to worry about, and can focus on building their savings or furthering their careers.
-EASE OF USE– PadSplits don’t require any long term commitments and have low move-in payments.  A resident can stay or a week or a decade.  Existing residents can move to a new unit in as little as 24 hours; new residents can move in as soon as 48 hours after application.
BETTER ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES– With an affordable fixed payment, closer proximity to employment centers, located in mixed income communities, residents are much more likely to discover more economic opportunities than they would if they were trapped in a distressed neighborhood distant from their workplace.

Community/Municipal Incentives

Reduced Traffic
Reduced Stress on Utility Grid
Improved Environmental Sustainability
Ability to create in-place mixed-income communities
Reduced need for housing subsidies
Growth of workforce
Ability to attract employers in need of quality workforce housing

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