Furnished rooms for rent - all utilities included

PadSplit room example
PadSplit room example
Home, made affordable
At PadSplit, we are more than a room. We're your path to a better future. Here's why:
Pay by the week
This weekly payment (also known as your membership dues) covers your room as well as free services (e.g. tele-medicine) included in your membership.
Furnished rooms
Moving just got easier! Each PadSplit room comes with at least a bed, nightstand, and clothing storage.
Free utilities, including wi-fi
No more worrying about what utilities to set up and remembering which bills to pay! PadSplit takes care of utilities, including wi-fi, for you so you don’t have to.
Close to public transportation
We hate long commute times, so we make sure most of our rooms are close to public transportation. That way you can move with ease to work, school, or anywhere else!
Trustworthy housemates
Feel at ease with your future housemates. All members must pass a thorough background check and employment verification process to live at a PadSplit.
Stay for one month or longer
Members can stay for as long as they want after their initial month. Payments can be made weekly or bi-weekly.
Read a member's story
Member since 2018
Robert was part of the working homeless community before he found PadSplit.
Read Robert's story
Member since 2020
Courtney is pursuing her dream of becoming an actress while saving money at PadSplit.
Read Courtney's story
Member since 2019
Onyx is renting a room with PadSplit, boosting her credit score, and saving to open up a restaurant with her mom.
Read Onyx's story
Member since 2019
Mariah moved into a downtown Atlanta PadSplit to feed her creativity and inspire her art.
Read Mariah's story
Member since 2019
Keosha got the fresh start she needed as she saved money for a down payment to buy her first home.
Read Keosha's story
Member since 2019
Dewayne found a community of like-minded movers and shakers in his PadSplit roommates.
Read Dewayne's story
Member since 2017
Deneece uses her PadSplit rent savings to visit family all over the country.
Read Deneece's story
People are talking about us
Todd N.
Atlanta, GA
If you need a fantastic place to live, Padsplit is an amazing opportunity to thrive and prosper! Padsplit is unlike any other housing situation on planet Earth.
Rodricco J.
Atlanta, GA
I am very happy with my room. PADSPLIT has nice and clean homes. My move in was fast.
Jeriann L.
Atlanta, GA
The house I moved into was clean and orderly, would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great deal for a room
Andrew M.
Houston, TX
I stayed at a PadSplit for 6 months while I was working a contract position. Now I live in an apartment and low key miss PadSplit. PadSplit has a great offering
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Affordable Housing Solution of the Year
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Excited yet?
PadSplit has a wide range of rooms and locations to choose from. Let’s find the right one for you.