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Our mission and vision

At PadSplit, we believe that the people who serve our communities deserve an opportunity to live in them. As a result, our mission is to help solve the affordable housing crisis, one room at a time, while leveraging housing as a vehicle for financial empowerment. We do this by building a marketplace that enables the quickest and most effective housing solutions for low-income workers.

PadSplit is the largest coliving marketplace in the U.S. Our services are specifically tailored for hardworking people like teachers, security guards, bus drivers, and retail employees who are looking to build their futures. We are proud to help them find housing opportunities to transform their lives, and we will continue to bring respectable and affordable housing options to those in need.

Our work continues in support of our residents, most of whom are hard-working hourly wage earners trying to get ahead. We will continue to bring respectable, accessible, quality housing options to those who need it most.

Our story

PadSplit was founded in 2017 in by Atticus LeBlanc, who had entered an affordable housing ideas competition in Atlanta, GA. Having spent most of his career in affordable housing as an entrepreneur, Atticus was frustrated by the slow pace of housing creation, and the growing gap of affordable homes. He believed that our existing housing stock could be used more efficiently to create new housing opportunities from unused space, specifically by renting individual bedrooms in homes with shared access of kitchens and common areas.

He had been experimenting with shared housing models since 2009 and knew that such arrangements created housing that was both more affordable for renters and more profitable for housing providers. As importantly, these new housing options could immediately begin to reduce the housing gap without using taxpayer dollars. Rather than trying to own and operate shared homes at scale, Atticus proposed to create a platform that any housing provider or homeowner anywhere could use to quickly set up, market, and operate their shared home.

From the first prototype home, PadSplit has been producing life-changing outcomes for both residents and hosts, and these impacts continue to fuel us today.

Meet the team
The PadSplit team brings decades of experience working in real estate, urban planning, tech, and NGOs. Together, we have a shared passion for helping our community and a collective vision of empowering all of our members to reach financial independence.
Our team is located throughout the U.S. and is rapidly growing! Learn about our open positions here.
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Guiding Principles
Every stakeholder in the PadSplit community is guided by 3 basic principles.
We care. The state of caring for others and the world around us drives us to a bias toward action.
Show it.
Because we care, and have a bias toward action, we demonstrate our care through our initiative, by our words and our actions.
Prove it.
Simply expressing care or beginning to take action is still insufficient. We must commit ourselves completely to ensure that any action we take is seen through to its ultimate result.
Our core values
Compassionate directness
We believe in speaking up, giving feedback, disagreeing, surfacing problems immediately, and doing so with compassion, empathy, and understanding.
High integrity
We believe in maintaining honesty, truthfulness, and accuracy in our words and actions.
We understand the ‘bad’ and find the ‘good,’ even if we must build the ‘good’ ourselves.
Intellectual curiosity
We ask questions, experiment, and value knowledge and wisdom.
Strong work ethic
We work hard, work efficiently, and achieve the goals we set out to accomplish.
We put ourselves in the shoes of our Members, Hosts, and teammates and take action to mitigate problems as they arise.
We are aware of our strengths and our weaknesses and how they affect others.
Hear from our members
“PadSplit is a fresh start at a fraction of the cost, and it helped me build a foundation of financial stability.” - Keosha
Keosha bought a home after saving and building her credit over 10 months while living in a PadSplit.
Hear from hosts who moved to PadSplit
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Explore our latest social impact report showcasing our contributions across the U.S. As the largest coliving marketplace, we're dedicated to addressing the affordable housing crisis and promoting financial empowerment, providing swift, secure, and effective housing solutions for low-income workers.

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