Jacqueline needed Houston student housing, and PadSplit gave her the flexibility she needed.

Jacqueline needed Houston student housing, and PadSplit gave her the flexibility she needed.

Twenty-one-year-old Jacqueline has known she’s wanted to be a nurse for years. After graduating high school in California, she spent two years checking off prerequisites through a local community college with her sights set on nursing school. As she started exploring nursing programs, Jacqueline realized the most affordable programs were much farther from home. 

Jacqueline found the perfect specialized program in Houston. Although it was nearly 2,000 miles from her family, it was cheaper and faster than other nursing programs she explored. With her two years of community college credits under her belt, she applied and was quickly accepted.

While it was hard to say goodbye to her family, Jacqueline moved to Houston in November 2021. She had a car full of belongings and a week-long reservation at an Airbnb. While Airbnb was fine for the short-term, Jacqueline knew she needed student housing in Houston, and it needed to be flexible and affordable. 

“I know what I can spend each week because of my budget, and Airbnb was too expensive. Staying there wasn’t sustainable, but I knew I couldn’t afford an apartment on my own.”

She started searching Craigslist and apartments.com and came across PadSplit. She liked how easy and flexible it was from the beginning. “I could move in right away, and I wasn’t required to sign a long lease.”

Jacqueline stays pretty busy and isn’t home often. She’s taking a full course load this semester, works part-time at a local Amazon facility, and is involved in her local church. While she doesn’t spend a ton of time at home, she says she’s gotten along with her PadMates well.

“My biggest worry was that I wasn’t going to know anyone, and it would be awkward, but everyone has been nice. One of my roommates has been helpful since I’m new to the city. She told me the best places to grab Mexican food and walked me through registering my car at the DMV. I haven’t had a bad experience with any of my PadMates.”

PadSplit has been such a good fit that Jacqueline doesn’t plan to move before finishing her program and graduating. She says you can’t beat the affordability and flexibility it provides. The included Wifi and on-site laundry make her life easier, too.

“As a full-time student, PadSplit has worked out really well for me. I get paid weekly, so I love paying my rent weekly instead of monthly and knowing all my utilities are covered. It’s helped me budget better because I know what I can and can’t spend after paying for the essentials.”

PadSplit is a great option for student housing. Whether you’re looking to stay at PadSplit for a month or indefinitely, we have a room for you. Become a PadSplit Member today.

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