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Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
from $139/week
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
from $109/week
Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville, FL
from $135/week
Richmond, VA
Richmond, VA
from $149/week
Tampa, FL
Tampa, FL
from $155/week
Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX
from $139/week
Why PadSplit
More trustworthy than Craigslist
We verify members and run background checks to ensure a safe home environment.
More affordable than Airbnb
We are half the price of other room rental sites.
More of a home than a hotel
We have hundreds of rooms. Choose one and make it home.

Todd N.
Atlanta, GA
If you need a fantastic place to live, Padsplit is an amazing opportunity to thrive and prosper! Padsplit is unlike any other housing situation on planet Earth.
Jeriann L.
Atlanta, GA
The house I moved into was clean and orderly, would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great deal for a room
Rodricco J.
Atlanta, GA
I am very happy with my room. PADSPLIT has nice and clean homes. My move in was fast.
Andrew M.
Houston, TX
I stayed at a PadSplit for 6 months while I was working a contract position. Now I live in an apartment and low key miss PadSplit. PadSplit has a great offering
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Meet our Members
Jordan is building his credit and saving money as a PadSplit Member.
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Keosha saved money for a down payment to buy her first home.
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Daniel needed a place to live quickly, and PadSplit is the best-case scenario.
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Darvis wasn’t ready to sign a long lease, and PadSplit made it easy.
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Jacqueline needed Houston student housing, and PadSplit gave her the flexibility she needed.
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PadSplit helps Dewayne save money for his future dreams.
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