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Discover how Craig found the perfect housing solution with PadSplit, enjoying a short commute, affordability, and a sense of community...

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Discover how PadSplit provided Edna with not just affordable housing, but a supportive community and a new lease on life.

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Carol escapes domestic violence, finds stability with PadSplit, and triumphantly pays off $43,000 in student loans while launching her own...

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Explore the powerful story of Nene, a survivor of domestic abuse, who left an abusive relationship and found a new...

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Discover how Joseph spends less with PadSplit than his previous apartment, which allowed him to purchase a car.

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After suffering a disability, Quantia struggled with homelessness but was able to secure affordable housing with PadSplit.

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After spending $1,800/month on an extended stay motel, Winston now saves $1,000/month with PadSplit.

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Stephen was struggling to pay the high rent in Atlanta while working two jobs.

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PadSplit allowed Heaven to secure affordable housing after being homeless.

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Kenneth, a veteran who served in the Army as a medical logistics specialist, struggled to find affordable housing in Jacksonville.

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After divorce and disability, PadSplit helps Mike rebuild.

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PadSplit allows Azubuike to invest into his art.

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