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Member Score

Last updated January 30, 2024

Each PadSplit Member has a score based on ratings from Hosts and other Members in your home. Your score is an important part of your PadSplit identity.

How is the score calculated?

New Members start with the highest possible score, but scores can lower if you receive negative feedback

The score will only consider one rating from each PadMate, so no single PadMate can have a strong impact on your score. However, if many Members in the house consistently provide negative feedback, your score will be lowered to reflect this. 

Host ratings have the greatest impact on your score.  

Who can see my score?

This score and the accompanying feedback is only visible to you and your Host. Other Members in the home will not see this information.

Can I see who rated me or gave me feedback?

Sometimes. Members can choose to rate and give feedback anonymously. 

How can I improve my score?

Scores are impacted by all ratings left over time, so make sure you’re taking the feedback to heart to improve your rating! Read the comments that other Members and your Host left for you to learn what you can work on. 

What happens if my score is low?

A low score will jeopardize your ability to rent with your current Host and PadSplit. 

  • A low score may cause your Host to not renew your occupancy. If a Host declines to renew your occupancy, you must move out in the specified time period. 
  • A low score may cause future Hosts to deny your booking or transfer requests.
  • A very low score (score of 1 or a score of 2 for greater than 4 weeks in a row) will flag your Membership for termination. If terminated, you will need to move out of your current PadSplit and you will be banned from staying with PadSplit in the future.

How do I rate my PadMates?

Fill out the bi-weekly survey that presents at payment or access the survey from your “Rating” page. Positive feedback matters just as much as negative feedback so please be sure to rate for good behavior as well as bad. 

Members should be honest and reasonable when issuing ratings. Ratings can affect a Member’s housing and standing within PadSplit and should not be used frivolously. PadSplit reserves the right to terminate Members who are found to be abusing the ratings function.