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What should I do on move-out day?

Last updated December 6, 2023

Please remember that you must schedule your move-out date through the Member Dashboard. See "How do I schedule my move-out date?" for details on scheduling.

On your scheduled move-out day, please remember to do the following:

  • Review any move-out instructions left by your host
  • Clean your room
  • After cleaning, please fill out the move-out form found on your dashboard. You will be prompted to: 
    • Pay any outstanding balance
    • Take at least two photos of your clean room and key location. Upload those photos to your dashboard (see below).
    • Confirm that you have left the room
  • If you have a physical key, leave it in the room or in the location specified by the host
  • By default, the move out time is 9:00am, however some hosts may specify a different move-out time. Be sure to check the move-out instructions! 
  • Remember to complete the move-out form in order to be refunded for your last day!