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How to Apply for PadSplit Membership

How to Apply for PadSplit Membership

PadSplit is a community of shared responsibilities where each Member pledges to abide by the Membership Rules. In order to ensure the happiness and safety of the entire PadSplit community, PadSplit re
Your income must be verified as part of PadSplit's application process. Applicants may choose to have their income verified in one of two ways: By connecting their bank account via Plaid. Plaid will
PadSplit aims to make the application process as easy and quick as possible. While some applications can be processed instantly, others can take 2-5 days to be processed. Uploading all necessary docum
The application fee is non-refundable at this time.  Please review our Membership criteria here. 
PadSplit offers Memberships that provide access to a private room with furniture, utilities and internet, all in one fixed weekly payment. The rooms are hosted by outside property owners or managers.
Applying for Membership is easy! To apply to be a member, we require an application fee and the information needed to run your background check and verify your weekly income. You will need to meet our
We’re looking for kind, independent, responsible and respectful Members who are open to living in a shared community. The information that we collect during the application process is used to determin
Yes, you can still apply and be accepted to PadSplit. Please see details below:   Self-Employed or Contractor If you are self-employed, you can submit bank statements that show the deposits you've rec
When you apply to PadSplit, we may review your credit history. However, your credit history is not a factor in the approval process.  Your credit will be reviewed via a “soft-pull” that is unlikely to
The following expiration dates apply to your application: Once approved, your background check is valid for 270 days. You will have to re-apply if you have waited more than 270 days to book your roo