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Messaging your Host

Last updated August 29, 2023

Members and hosts can communicate directly with each other through the PadSplit messenger. The messenger opens as soon as you make a booking request or have a move-in date scheduled (if you have booked using instant book). 

You can access the messenger either via your web dashboard, by clicking the messenger icon in the top right corner of the navigation bar, or through your PadSplit app on iOS or Android. 

If your chat thread with the host remains inactive for 24 hours, it will automatically close and you will be guided to submit your issue through the correct channel (e.g. maintenance ticket, PadSplit support team). You are always able to request to chat with your host, and they will receive a notification. 

Please check that your issue doesn’t fit into any of these categories before messaging your host, so you can ensure a quick response! The following types of communication should be submitted elsewhere:

  • If you’re having issues with another member in your house, you can rate them from your member dashboard (see Member Score). 
  • If you have a safety issue, always call 911 first, then you can submit a safety report to PadSplit through your dashboard. 
  • Any maintenance issues with the house should be reported as a maintenance ticket.
  • Financial questions can be directed to the PadSplit support team. 

Remember, you can always reach out to PadSplit support at (770) 373-7863 or support@padsplit.com.