How to Book a Room for Rent

Some houses have enabled a higher level of screening for their members. This higher level of screening considers additional criteria about a prospective member that helps the host identify potential r
PadSplit homes are owned by individual hosts rather than by PadSplit itself. Some hosts choose to review all booking requests before approving a booking.  If a host does require a booking approval, yo
Once you are a PadSplit Member, you will be able to view and request to book any available room. For rooms that are instant book, which is the PadSplit default, your booking will be automatically conf
PadSplit offers different commitments depending on the market.. To know which type of commitment you have, visit the "settings" section of your dashboard and click "stay settings."    31 Day Minimum C
There is a place to store clothing and personal items in every PadSplit room. Some rooms have a closet while others have a dresser or wardrobe. The type of storage in each PadSplit room is available t
PadSplit homes do not have cable and cable cannot be installed. However, all PadSplit homes do come equipped with wireless internet at no extra cost to you. You'll will be able to watch your favorite
PadSplit is committed to adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). While most PadSplits are not currently handicap accessible, PadSplit will pass any requests for structural accommodati
For security purposes, the addresses and lock codes for PadSplits are not provided until a Member's move-in day.  By 9:30am EST on your move-in day:  Dashboard: You’ll see your address, door code, a
We have created 3D tours of almost every property - now you can get a tour without having to go anywhere! Once you are approved as a Member, we can provide cross-streets for specific homes of inter
PadSplit room availability changes frequently. After your Membership is approved, you'll be able to book your room for a move-in date up to 2 weeks out. PadSplit cannot hold rooms outside of our stand
PadSplit is expanding very quickly, with new homes added every week! We highly recommend completing the application process so that you can be the first in line to pick the newest available rooms.  Ap
Yes! Bathroom type is listed in the room description as either shared or private. Please note, PadSplit has a limited availability of rooms with private bathrooms. 
No, PadSplit does not allow pets of any kind. Service and Emotional Support Animals are not considered pets and will be allowed in PadSplit homes, if approved. Service and Emotional Support Animals
Due to the nature of co-living, PadSplit rooms are currently single occupancy only. For this reason, neither couples nor roommates are allowed to share a room. Children are also not allowed in PadSpli
As of August 2021, PadSplit does not allow children in shared housing. Children may not stay in a PadSplit.     Members who have properly registered their child with PadSplit before August 2021 will s
PadSplit aims to make booking easy, transparent and affordable. There are three payments that are required in order to book a room. Membership Application Fee: The Membership application fee covers
After your application is approved, you can proceed with booking a room on our site. In general, you will be able to choose a move-in date that is: no more than two weeks out from the booking date no