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Do you allow pets?

Last updated January 23, 2024

No, PadSplit does not allow pets of any kind.

Service and Emotional Support Animals are not considered pets and will be allowed in PadSplit homes, if approved. Service and Emotional Support Animals MUST be registered with PadSplit before you begin your PadSplit stay. To begin the approval and registration process for a service or emotional support animal, please email support@padsplit.com prior to booking a room. Bringing an unregistered animal onto PadSplit premises could subject your Membership to termination.

Only 1 registered animal per Member is allowed. When in common spaces within the PadSplit home, animals must be leashed and may be required to be muzzled. The animal shall never be inside the PadSplit home unaccompanied by the Member. The owner shall maintain control of the animal at all times. This is for the protection and well-being of other household members. The support animal must be current on all vaccinations, including rabies vaccinations. The member must provide proof of these vaccinations when they register the animal with PadSplit.

The Member is responsible for cleaning up any messes and paying for any damages related to the registered animal. The registered animal must not produce excess noise. Failure to abide by these rules can result in finesa low Member Score or a Notice to Vacate for the Member.