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Last updated August 9, 2022

PadSplit aims to make booking easy, transparent and affordable. There are three payments that are required in order to book a room.

  1. Membership Application Fee: The Membership application fee covers the cost of your background check and employment verification. This fee varies based on current promotions. Please note, this fee is non-refundable.
  2. Move-In Fee: The move-in fee covers the cost of cleaning and readying your room for move-in. The move-in fee varies per room but averages $100. 
  3. Membership Dues: At a minimum, Members are required to pay their first week of dues before move-in. There are three scenarios in which a member will pay more than one week of dues before move-in:
      • If a Member selects the option to pay their dues every two weeks, instead of every week. In this case, they will pay two weeks of rent (plus any prorated days if they customize their dues date) before move-in.
      • If a Member is on unemployment or between jobs, they will be required to pay a larger portion of dues upfront.
      • If a Member selects the option to customize their membership dues due date. In this case, the member will pay a prorated week of rent up to the selected due date. For example, a member selects a Wednesday move-in but chooses a Friday due date for membership dues. This member will be charged for three days (Wed, Thurs, and Fri) in addition to the mandatory one-week (or optional two-week) dues charge