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Transfers and Move-Outs

Please remember that you must schedule your move-out date through the Member Dashboard. See How do I schedule my move-out date? for details on scheduling.    On your scheduled move-out day, please rem
If you've decided to stay in your PadSplit, canceling your move-out date is easy. Log into your Member Dashboard and scroll down to the "Move-Out" section. Click the "Cancel Move-Out" button and follo
PadSplit offers a large network of homes that our Members can easily transfer to. If you no longer wish to live at your current property, you may initiate a transfer through your dashboard at any time
In all cases, refunds take at least one week to process. Members wishing to cancel a move-out may do so as long as the cancellation occurs before their scheduled move-out date.  Refund Eligibility Pad
To schedule your move-out date, log into your Member Dashboard. Scroll down to the "Move-Out" section and click the "Request Move-Out" button. Choose your move-out date and follow the prompts. Please
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