Membership dues are billed on a recurring basis every week or two weeks, depending on the Member's selection. Because of the recurring nature of these dues, PadSplit requires a payment card be registe
Members are able to pay weekly or biweekly (once every two weeks) on the day of the week that they select. Your payment schedule is selected during the booking process. You can change your payment sch
If you signed a minimum commitment, PadSplit requires a credit or debit card on file for your weekly dues. Prepaid cards will not be accepted.
Both PadSplit and our Hosts are committed to providing affordable housing for Members, however sometimes rate increases are necessary for a Host to continue operations. Hosts must adhere to the follow
To make a payment, log into your Member Dashboard and click on the "Finances" tab. Click the "Pay Now" button and fill in your payment information. Click the "Submit Payment" button to finish.  
To update your payment method, log into your Member Dashboard and click on the "Finances" tab. Click the "Add New Card" button and fill in your payment information. Click the "Add Card" button to fini
To locate your payment history, log into your Member Dashboard. Click on the "Finances" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.   
To set up autopay, log into your Member Dashboard and click on the "Finances" tab. Scroll down to the "Payment Methods" section and use the toggle button to turn autopay on and off.     By choosing au
We currently report payments to Equifax and TransUnion via a third-party service provider, Esusu Financial. Why? We report membership payments in an effort to better serve our members and help them bu
If your balance is still greater than or equal to $300 48 hours after your Dues Day, your Membership will be terminated and you will need to vacate the property. The only way to stay with PadSplit at
In order to avoid a late fee, your balance must be $0 by the end of your Dues Day. A late fee of $25 is added: When your Membership payment is late (payments are considered late when they are paid a
While we understand that there are times when everyone gets behind, there are several important things to note about carrying a balance with PadSplit.   Balances under $299 If you carry a balance pas
Membership payments must be paid by the end of your Dues Day. Your recurring Dues Day is determined by the settings you chose during the booking process (either weekly or every two weeks on the day of
Your refund eligibility depends on when you make the request. In all cases,  The application fee is always non-refundable Refunds will take at least 1 week to process   Refunds Before Move-In Please
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