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Completing the Listing

You can set the number of parking spaces during Property Onboarding and edit this at a later time. Figure out how many available spots you have at the property and determine whether there is any stree
Make sure you have created your Host account. On the homepage of, click the “get started” button and select “become a Host”. Enter your information and confirm that your account has been
The quality of PadSplit homes is of the utmost importance.Hosts may go onto and submit a listing without speaking to a PadSplit team member. However, during the property listing, a proper
During the listing process, you will be asked to draft custom move-in instructions for your property. PadSplit will email these instructions (along with lock instructions*) to a Member on the day of t
Now you have more flexibility on setting up your team through the PadSplit dashboard. You can assign roles and communications preferences per property so we can send the right information to the right


Dedicated Host support is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. We can be reached via the following methods:By calling (770) 373-7863 (follow the prompts for the Host line)Via email at
Members pay electronically on the PadSplit site using credit, debit, or bank transfer. At no point should PadSplit members be asked to pay outside of the platform, and any such request will result in

Renovating a Home to PadSplit

Our Host Resource Hub is full of dedicated resources to help prospective Hosts during the renovation phase of their Host journey. If you still have questions during the process, you can reach out to y
PadSplit recommends adding these important features in order to optimize the success of your property.Smart LockBy installing a smart lock, Members can move themselves into your property even if you a
Most Hosts rely on a general contractor (GC) to renovate the property and get it ready to PadSplit. We highly recommend partnering with licensed GCs in your area with a strong track record. Another op
In general, there are 3 phases a property must complete before it can be listed on PadSplit: pre-renovation, conversion and listing preparation. Within each phase, there are tasks that must be complet
The answer to this question varies depending on the property’s size and condition. It is advisable to budget about $1,000 per bedroom for furnishing and staging. Keep in mind the other renovations tha

Move ins

At PadSplit, we are actively working on features to give you insights into Members’ experiences in your home. Currently, we are showing information around Member move-in ratings. Go to the Performance
Move-in day is an important day for both Members and Hosts! As a Host, it is your responsibility to triage any move-in issues.If something goes wrong during a Member's move-in or if a Member just like
How it works:Hosts can turn on booking approvals for any given property either during property onboarding or from the property list in their host dashboard. If this feature is enabled for your propert
Move-in day is an important day for both Members and Hosts! As a Host, it is your responsibility to triage any move-in issues, such as when a Member has lock problems or trouble locating the home. Det
PadSplit will send Hosts an email notification when a room in their home is booked. The move-in day will generally be at least 48 hours in the future, giving the Host plenty of time to complete the ne

How to Navigate the Host Dashboard

Hosts are able to block off move-in availability for a home on days or times where they might be unavailable.Move-in Dates: You can now select individual days to block off from move-ins. To do so, log
Hosts can log a maintenance request without logging it under a specific Member. After logging into your Host Dashboard, you can log a maintenance request as yourself under the “Host section” in Report
There are a few different scenarios where you might want to change the price for a room. The room is unoccupied and listedThe room is occupied, and you want the price to update the next time it’s unoc
To help us ensure the happiness and safety of the entire PadSplit community, all Members are required to adhere to the Membership Rules. Violations of these rules are subject to the Three Keys Policy.
Hosts can set or change the waste pick-up days for a property on their Host Dashboard. To do so, go to the Properties details page and scroll to the section “Waste pickup day.” Click on “edit pickup d

Exploring PadSplit

Have questions about Hosting with PadSplit? We've outlined some common topics below. Want more information? Attend one of our webinars or local meet-ups. Email for more information.
PadSplit, Hosts and Members share in the responsibilities needed to keep our community running smoothly. Please refer to the chart below to see what PadSplit, Hosts and Members are responsible for.Wha
PadSplit Hosts need to comply with all building codes including getting a Certificate of Occupancy.
Have questions about setting up your PadSplit? Our Host Resource Hub is full of dedicated resources to help prospective Hosts during the property selection, renovation, and optimization phases of thei
PadSplit wants to make sure that Hosts and their properties are protected in case of an emergency. Hosts are required to have property and general liability insurance. If you are looking for a policy,

Preparing to Manage a PadSplit

PadSplit homes require much of the same maintenance that a traditional rental investment needs, though often at a higher frequency.The work is both preventative (such as changing HVAC air filters) and
Developing robust accounting practices is critical to effectively managing PadSplits. In addition to any general overhead costs, there are six standard types of expenses that should be tracked for eve
It is always possible for a Host to own and operate their PadSplit properties. Nevertheless, most PadSplit properties are operated by a third-party property manager. Keep in mind that property manager
Our best Hosts think about Member move-ins before they even list their home.Put yourself in the shoes of a PadSplit Member. He or she just paid their hard-earned money to move into your property, pure
Below, please find three common models to consider as you structure your arrangements: DescriptionManager charges a either a flat fee or fixed percentage of revenue monthly (usually 8-15%)Manager and

Listing FAQ

PadSplit Members are the same people you interact with everyday. It’s the person serving your food, delivering your Amazon package, or the security guard at your office. PadSplit Members must pass a b
Hosts can enable the “coming soon” feature for a property when they begin the listing process. Properties that are “coming soon” are shown on the property map to prospective and current Members. Membe
PadSplit's aims to serve our Member and Host communities by making rooms easy to find and book on our site. In other words, we want your room booked just as much as you do!As such, we are constantly r
PadSplit works hard to ensure that both Members and Hosts have a pleasant experience with the booking process. By default, Members can book a room 2 weeks before their move-in day. Hosts can change th
A PadSplit Host has full control over the property settings and is generally the person being paid out by PadSplit. Co-hosts are partners on the property who may receive management communications or m

Owner Responsibilities

Improving your ranking is simple! Your ranking is a direct reflection of how Members feel about your property (see  What is Member CSAT ). To maintain a good ranking, try to:Provide a positive move-in
You must conduct a quality assurance check while members are living in the PadSplit.What is it?An in-person, twice-monthly walkthrough of the property, including member’s roomsAn opportunity to protec
Whether you are selling a PadSplit you already own or contemplating buying an existing PadSplit from a current owner, there are several steps to take and considerations to make.For a detailed outline
At PadSplit we are problem-solvers, looking to solve the affordable housing crisis – one room at a time. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to access safe, clean housing options. Our Members
The bulk of cleaning responsibilities fall on the members--it is simply uneconomical to provide cleaning services for distributed properties frequently enough. That said, we recommend the provision of

Member Management

Violations to PadSplit's Membership Rules can compromise Member safety, the integrity of the property and/or profitability. Some violations, such as smoking, compromise all three. While most violation
A Member’s contract with PadSplit may be immediately terminated if any of the following conditions are met:A Member fails to pay their dues and/or fines and is behind by $300 or more in payments.A Mem
Platform Hosts are responsible for peacefully removing or legally evicting terminated Members.We know evictions can be challenging, especially during the ongoing pandemic. If you are having trouble na
When a Member stays past their termination date, Platform Hosts are responsible for peacefully removing or legally evicting terminated Members. We know this can be challenging, especially during the o
Everyone needs a hand every once in a while and we’ve found that a little help can go a long way towards preventing a costly eviction and increasing Member tenure.Hosts can now help prevent a Member’s


Bills include everything PadSplit charges for: the weekly rate, move-in fees, fines (such as late fees and rule violations), etc. What gets paid out to the Host is not necessarily the bills for that m
Hosts can find Member collection details for each monthly Host payout in the CSV file available for download in the Earnings tab.The CSV file contains Member transaction data (Member bills, Member pay
Everyone needs a hand every once in awhile, and we’ve found that a bit of help can go a long way towards increasing Member tenure and preventing a costly eviction. A Member will always be placed in on
There are multiple ways to understand the financial situation of a Member. We highly recommend reviewing the 'Members tab' on your dashboard. On this tab, a Host can filter Members by financial status
The totals shown on the Host Dashboard reflect the gross income and net host earnings for a property for all past periods; the amount paid out is equal to the net host earnings. Current and future mon

Property Management

Because utilities are included in a Member’s weekly rate, Hosts are encouraged to estimate monthly bills and increase the efficiency of the home before listing on PadSplit. Occasionally, even the best
Due to emergency damage or incidents, PadSplit reserves the right to inactivate any rooms or homes that may have become unsafe or otherwise uninhabitable. After the necessary repairs and remediation
Unlike a traditional rental, utilities are included in the price paid by members. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the host to ensure that the utilities are turned on and paid prior to listing the prop
Many PadSplit Hosts choose to utilize the Remotelock platform and brand of locks. Below, you'll find some useful tips for troubleshooting a Remotelock. For issues that this guide does not cover or wor
PadSplit provides a maintenance ticketing service that allows members to submit tickets directly to hosts. Our team works hard to work through and eliminate unnecessary tickets, but good judgement is

The Finishing Touches Before Listing Your PadSplit

Preparing some basic cleaning supplies and toilet paper makes those first move-ins much easier. You should also buy another trash bin if there are more than 6 rooms in the house.
PadSplit places a strong emphasis on convenience and efficiency for both Members and Hosts. It is important to keep in mind that Members are not permitted to visit the home before move-in. It is impor
PadSplit recommends printing and laminating this set of posters to hang up in every home. These posters help reinforce the rules, promote cleanliness and protect your property. Please see our guide be
Unlike a traditional rental, utilities are included in the price paid by members. Hosts must ensure that the utilities are turned on and paid prior to listing the property. This process may take as lo
We recommend conducting a stress test to check to see if your property is ready to be occupied by PadSplit Members: PlumbingRun showers and sinks for 10 minutes to ensure water runs both cold and hot

Choosing Homes to PadSplit

If you don’t already own a PadSplit, the first step is narrowing down where you want to buy. Learn more about picking the best location for your PadSplit.
There are multiple factors to consider when selecting a PadSplit property. A PadSplit should fit in and resemble any other house or apartment in its neighborhood. Visit our Host Resource Hub for more
Yes! We will just need a background check from you to ensure the safety of our Members. Check out the FAQ for Hosts of owner-occupied homes for more information. Please keep in mind that any approved
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