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Member Behavior Management at PadSplit (formerly the 3 Keys Policy)

Last updated January 30, 2024

As of August 2023 PadSplit has replaced its 3 Keys Policy with a new comprehensive system for ensuring the happiness and safety of the PadSplit community.

All PadSplit Members must adhere to the Membership Rules. Members who violate the Membership Rules are subject to: 

  • A Low Member Score: Members are now rated by their Hosts and fellow PadMates. Consistent negative feedback will result in a low Member Score. A low score will jeopardize the Member’s ability to rent their current room and any room within PadSplit. 
  • Fines and CostsViolations of PadSplit's Membership Rules can result in fines and charges for damages incurred.
    • Fines can be issued at the request of a Host with PadSplit approval. To issue fines, please contact Host Support.
  • Notice to VacateA Host can decline to renew a Member’s occupancy and ask that they vacate in a specified time period. A Notice to Vacate may also cause future Hosts to deny this Member’s booking or transfer requests.

Important Exceptions: It is important to note that any rule violation involving criminal activity may be subject to immediate termination. Members who have a TPO issued against them by another Member of the household will be terminated immediately. In addition, PadSplit will enforce a separate policy for rule violations involving violence. Please refer to "What is PadSplit’s policy on violence occurring inside of the home?".

A Note on Previous Key Removals: Members that have previously lost Keys under PadSplit’s former 3 Keys Policy will start off with lower Member Scores to reflect these infractions.