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Rating a Member

Last updated January 30, 2024

Each PadSplit Member has a score based on ratings from Hosts and other Members in their home. A Member’s score is an important part of their PadSplit identity.

When should I rate a Member?

Hosts should rate a Member whenever they see positive or negative behavior occurring. 

Rating the Member will:

  • Impact the Member’s score. Host ratings have the greatest impact on a Member’s score. 
  • A very low score (score of 1 or a score of 2 for greater than 4 weeks in a row) will flag the Member for termination. When the Member reaches this threshold, you will be notified by PadSplit and have an opportunity to save the Member from termination (see "How do I prevent a Member from being terminated from a low score" below).
  • Serve as a warning to the Member. The Member will see your rating and comment. Be as specific as possible when providing feedback about the behavior you’d like to see corrected. 
  • Future Hosts may deny or accept this Member’s booking based on their score

Hosts should be honest and reasonable when issuing ratings. Ratings can affect a Member’s housing and standing within PadSplit and should not be used frivolously.

How do I rate a Member? 

To rate a Member, navigate to their Member Profile and click on the “Rating” tab. Here you’ll see a prompt to “Rate Member”. You’ll be led through a survey to provide feedback to this Member. 

Please note that your feedback is not anonymous and will be shared with the Member so they can work to improve their behavior. 

How do I see a Member’s Score and corresponding feedback?

To view a Member’s score and feedback, navigate to their Member Profile and click the “Rating” tab. There you’ll see the Member’s overall rating, which includes ratings from all occupancies, and any feedback they’ve received from other Members or Hosts. 

While you will see all names of the Members who submitted feedback, please note that some are submitted anonymously (noted by a “left anonymously” label by the written feedback). Please be sure to respect the anonymity of the submitter when speaking with Members. 

How do I prevent a Member from being terminated due to a low score?

A very low score (score of 1 or a score of 2 for greater than 4 weeks in a row) will flag the Member for termination. When the Member reaches this threshold, you will be notified by PadSplit.

Sometimes, a Host may decide to save a Member from termination (they believe the rating is unwarranted, they would like to give the Member another chance, etc.). To save a Member from termination, use the "Save from termination" button in the Member's Ratings tab, by the deadline given. This button will automatically raise the Member's score to a 3. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-30 at 11.21.14 AM.png

Does the Member Score replace PadSplit’s 3 Keys Policy?

Yes. PadSplit’s 3 Keys Policy has been replaced by a comprehensive Member Behavior Management system. Rating your Members is an important component of this system. 

Members that have previously lost Keys under PadSplit’s former 3 Keys Policy will start off with lower Member Scores to reflect these infractions.

Where can I see a Member’s Score during booking?

Hosts that utilize the booking approval feature will be able to see a Member’s score before accepting or denying the booking. The member score will be visible in the Member List on your host dashboard as well as within the member profile.  

Important Exceptions: As a reminder, for any emergency where you feel you or someone else is in danger, please contact 911 before engaging with PadSplit. After contacting the authorities, you can inform PadSplit about a safety incident by filling out a safety report through your member profile ratings page, calling (770) 373-7863 or emailing support@padsplit.com. Safety issues concerning Members will be triaged according to our Violence Policy. Any rule violation involving criminal activity may be subject to immediate termination.