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Three Keys Policy

Last updated June 14, 2021

It is important for the happiness and safety of the entire PadSplit community that all Members adhere to the Membership Rules. A violation of these rules is subject to our Three Keys Policy. 

What is the Three Keys Policy? The Three Keys Policy is our Membership rule violation policy. When Members join PadSplit, they have “three keys” by default. Each time a Member violates a rule, a key is removed. If a Member loses all three keys, their Membership is terminated, and they will be asked to leave their PadSplit within 48 hours. Members are able to view the number of keys they have remaining as well as the reason for any key removals on their Dashboard. 

How do Members lose a key? PadSplit is alerted of rule violations by Members and Hosts. If a rule violation can be verified through either documentation or statements, a key is removed from the Member. Please note that PadSplit will not consult with Hosts on Member reported violations. However, Hosts will be notified via email each time a Member has a key removed.

Here are the consequences each time a Member loses a key*:

  • First Key Removal: At the first key removal, Members will be reminded to review Membership Rules. Members will also receive an SMS and email message informing them of the key removal and corresponding rule violation. They can also view their keys on the Membership Dashboard.
  • Second Key Removal: At the second key removal, the Member will receive a fine for the rule violation. See Fines for violations to the Membership Rules for specific dollar amounts. In addition to being able to view keys on their Dashboard, Members will receive an SMS and email message informing them of the key removal and corresponding rule violation.
  • Third Key Removal: At the third key removal, the Member will be terminated. Their termination will be scheduled within 48 hours of the third key removal, and the Member will be notified via SMS, email, and phone call. The Member will be banned and unable to return to PadSplit.

*At each key removal, Hosts will be notified via email about the key removal and corresponding rule violations.


Can Members gain back a lost key? In some instances, PadSplit may choose to re-issue a removed key.

Important Exceptions It is important to note that any rule violation involving criminal activity is subject to immediate termination outside of the Three Keys Policy. Members who have a Temporary Protective Order (TPO) issued against them by another Member of the household will be terminated immediately. In addition, PadSplit will enforce a separate policy for rule violations involving violence. See, What is PadSplit’s policy on violence occurring inside of the home?



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