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What should I do if I see a PadSplit rule being broken?

Last updated August 28, 2023


At PadSplit, we want Members to feel empowered to help correct rule violations in their home. 

If you see a Membership Rule being violated, we encourage you to rate your PadMate. Rating a PadMate will do the following:

  • Inform the Member of their behavior and give them a chance to correct it (Note: You can choose to give this feedback anonymously).
  • Inform your Host of the Member’s behavior. A Host may decide to take action by issuing a warning, fine or Notice to Vacate
  • Impact the Member’s Score. Low scores have consequences up to and including Membership termination. 

For issues that you would like to try to resolve internally amongst your PadMates, you can do so in person or utilize our in app messenger.

As a reminder, for any emergency where you feel you or someone else is in danger, please contact 911 before engaging with PadSplit. After contacting the authorities, you can inform PadSplit about a safety incident by filling out a safety report on the PadMates section of your dashboard, calling (770) 373-7863 or emailing support@padsplit.com. Safety issues concerning another Member will be triaged according to our Violence Policy

Members should be honest and reasonable when issuing ratings. Ratings can affect a Member’s housing and standing within PadSplit and should not be used frivolously. PadSplit reserves the right to terminate Members who are found to be abusing the ratings function.

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