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Membership Rules

What should I do if I see a PadSplit rule being broken?

Last updated June 1, 2023

At PadSplit, we want Members to feel empowered to help correct rule violations in their home. If you see a Membership Rule being violated, please submit a Rule Violation Report in your dashboard. Fill out the report and include any photo/video/audio evidence you may have.

Currently, some PadSplit homes have their Rule Violation Reports monitored by PadSplit Support while others are monitored by the home's Host. Depending on your home, either PadSplit or your Host will handle your report in accordance with our Three Keys Policy. Your report will be reviewed and actioned on at the discretion of your Host or PadSplit. Any decisions they make in response to your report may or may not be shared back with you.

For issues that you would like to try to resolve internally amongst your PadMates, you can rate your PadMates or utilize our in-app Member Messenger.

To submit a rule report violation: In your dashboard, click on “Reputation”, scroll to the “Your Padmates” section, and click “Report Rule Violation.”

As a reminder, for any emergency where you feel you or someone else is in danger, please contact 911 before contacting PadSplit.

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