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How can I add or invite a Co-Host to my home?

Last updated August 9, 2021

Adding a Co-Host on PadSplit is simple and can be done two different ways through your Host Dashboard. You can navigate to the Co-Hosts tab and click “Invite.” Type in their email address and choose all the properties you would like them to co-host. You can view your pending invites by clicking next to the “Invite” button and resend or cancel the invitation. Co-Hosts can also be added by going to the Properties tab and selecting the property you want to add a Co-Host for. You can view, cancel and add Co-Hosts on the right side of the page. Invite a new Co-Host for the selected property by clicking “Add” and typing in their email address. For a quick tutorial on adding or inviting Co-Hosts to your home, watch this video