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How to Navigate the Host Dashboard

How to Navigate the Host Dashboard

Hosts can log a maintenance request without logging it under a specific Member. After logging into your Host Dashboard, you can log a maintenance request as yourself under the “Host section” in Report
Hosts can edit the photos for a property through their PadSplit Host Dashboard. Click on the Properties tab and select the property you would like to edit the photos for. On the right side of the page
Hosts can export all their maintenance tickets for their PadSplit properties. After logging into your Dashboard, go to your Tasks Dashboard by clicking on the wrench icon in the top right corner. You
Adding a Co-Host on PadSplit is simple and can be done two different ways through your Host Dashboard. You can navigate to the Co-Hosts tab and click “Invite.” Type in their email address and choose a
PadSplit makes it easy for Hosts to deactivate and reactivate rooms. First, log into your Host Dashboard. Scroll down to “Bedrooms” on the Properties tab and select the three dots icon to open up a li
After a room has been vacated, Hosts can relist it on PadSplit’a website. First, log into your Host Dashboards and go to Tasks by clicking on the wrench icon located at the top right of the page. Loca
PadSplit aims to facilitate clear communication between Members and Hosts about maintenance issues. To communicate with a member about a maintenance request, log into your Host Dashboard and go to Tas
To help us ensure the happiness and safety of the entire PadSplit community, all Members are required to adhere to the Membership Rules. Violations of these rules are subject to the Member Behavior Ma
Hosts can set or change the waste pick-up days for a property on their Host Dashboard. To do so, go to the Properties details page and scroll to the section “Waste pickup day.” Click on “edit pickup d
Hosts can set a lock access code for Members through their Host dashboard. Scroll to the section “Devices” on the Properties details page. Select “Add a device” and input the type and location of the
Hosts can send a message to all Members in their PadSplit. Go to the Properties details page on your Host Dashboard and scroll to “Notes & communication.” Click on the communications tab and selec
On the Host Dashboard, Hosts can access their financial data on each PadSplit property. First, log into your Dashboard. You can view your finances under the Dashboard tab by scrolling to “Financials S
There are a few different scenarios where you might want to change the price for a room.  The room is unoccupied and listed The room is occupied, and you want the price to update the next time it’s u
Hosts can change their email address in PadSplit’s platform through their Host Dashboard. After logging in, select the Settings tab which will bring up your personal information. To change your email
Hosts are able to block off move-in availability for a home on days or times where they might be unavailable. Move-in Dates: You can now select individual days to block off from move-ins. To do so,
Hosts can change the parking availability for a PadSplit. To do so, log into your PadSplit Dashboard, go to the Properties tab and select the property you want to change the parking availability for.
Hosts now have the option to change a current Member’s rate. Log into your Host Dashboard, select the Properties tab and click on the property the room you want to change the rate for is in. Scroll do