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Listing a Room for Rent FAQ

Listing a Room for Rent FAQ

Hosts can enable the “coming soon” feature for a property when they begin the listing process. Properties that are “coming soon” are shown on the property map to prospective and current Members. Membe
PadSplit aims to serve our Member and Host communities by making rooms easy to find and book on our site. In other words, we want your room booked just as much as you do! As such, we are constantly re
Our Members pick where they live based on the same factors as anyone else: location, price and amenities. To increase the chances that a Member will book a room in your PadSplit, explore the booking s
PadSplit Members are the same people you interact with everyday. It’s the person serving your food, delivering your Amazon package, or the security guard at your office. PadSplit Members must pass a b
All PadSplits require a minimum commitment period. Depending on the PadSplit you book, you will either make a 31-day minimum commitment period OR select between a 5 week, 12 week, or 24 week minimum c
PadSplit works hard to ensure that both Members and Hosts have a pleasant experience with the booking process. By default, Members can book a room 2 weeks before their move-in day. Hosts can change th
You may terminate your relationship with PadSplit at any time. If no Member lives in your home, simply log into your PadSplit dashboard and deactivate your listing.  If a Member currently lives in you
A PadSplit Host has full control over the property settings and is generally the person being paid out by PadSplit. Co-hosts are partners on the property who may receive management communications or m
Yes, PadSplit provides product training for Hosts during onboarding. This includes in-depth product demos and a thorough review of PadSplit processes and policies.