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Remotelock Guide

Last updated April 30, 2021

Many PadSplit Hosts choose to utilize the Remotelock platform and brand of locks. Below, you'll find some useful tips for troubleshooting a Remotelock. For issues that this guide does not cover or work for, please contact Remotelock’s Support Team directly. On Remotelock's Support Page, you will find detailed installation instructions, FAQs and their Support Team’s contact information. 


  • Please refer to the instructions manual when installing lock hardware. Hire a trained professional if need be.


Connecting lock to wifi

  • Once the lock is secured on the door and batteries have been installed, you will have to wake the lock up. Do this by punching in 123456# (lock will beep once) and then punch in 135# (lock will beep again). Open your wifi setting on your phone and or laptop and find the connection for remotelock. Connect to “remotelock wifi”.
  • For apple devices simply open your internet browser and you will be redirected to a connection page. On this page you will see all available networks that the lock can be connected to. Find your personal wifi connection that you have installed in your home and click connect. You will be prompted to enter your password. If done correctly, the lock will beep twice, and your connection is finished. For android devices you will have to enter the connections pages manually. Do this by typing into your internet browser and follow instructions above. This process will be the same if your lock ever loses its wifi connection and you have to restore.


Connecting lock to Remotelock website

  • If you have chosen to use Remotelock please set up an account with Remotelock by going to and clicking "create account".
  • To add a lock, click on devices and then click add new device. You will need to register your address in the system and then follow the prompts and enter the serial number that is located on the outside of the box the lock came in. If all is done correctly you will now have a lock that is synced to the website for monitoring. If you are prompted that the serial number is not registered then your lock is not connected to wifi and you will need to repeat the process of connecting the lock to the wifi.
  • Once your lock is connected the default programming code (123456#) will be changed to a unique number. This can be found under settings and programming code. You will need to enter this unique number in order to change any local pins or add new ones.


Issues with Remotelocks

  • Remotelocks will lose connection with wifi from time to time. If this happens, you will see your lock appearing offline on the website. You will lose the ability to generate new codes and monitor the lock if it is offline. Please refer to the connection tips above to restore wifi to the lock. Unfortunately this can not be done remotely and you will have to be on site/near the lock to complete.
  • Door latch malfunction. Another issue that has been found in these locks is when entering the code, the lock will disengage however it will not allow the door to be open. When this happens, the internal mechanism is not adjusting. In order for this to be repaired the lock will have to be disassembled and the locking mechanism will need to be reset.


Remote Lock Support 

  • If you require any further assistance with your Remotelock please contact Remotelock’s Support Team. On Remotelock's Support Page, you will find detailed installation instructions, FAQs and their Support Team’s contact information.