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How should I write my custom move-in instructions?

Last updated July 12, 2021

During the listing process, you will be asked to draft custom move-in instructions for your property. PadSplit will email these instructions (along with lock instructions*) to a Member on the day of their move-in.

Take some time to think through the exact steps that a Member will need to take in order to access their home and room. Some important details to include are listed below:

  • Include all of the details for accessing the front door and the Member's individual room.
  • If a door requires a certain technique to open (some do!), you should include specific instructions. For example: "After putting in the code, turn the knob to the right, and if the door doesn't open, try turning it to the left".
  • Remember to include a description for every button that a Member must press. For example: "After entering your code, press the # button" or "Hit the Yale lock button. When the screen lights up, enter your code".
  • If a keyed lock is used, provide detailed instructions for the location of the key and how to use any lockboxes.
  • You will be able to add attachments to your instructions. Consider adding an image or diagram to help make the move-in process easier for Members.
  • It is appropriate to include a few other welcome details like where it is best to park. Determine how many spots are available before move-in so you can properly instruct Members on where it is best to park.

Here is an example of well-written move-in instructions:

Welcome home! To enter your PadSplit, use the main door located at the front of the house. Enter your house lock code and then hit #. Your code is personal and private, so be sure to keep track of it! The lock will beep once after putting in the code. Once inside, your room should be clearly marked with a room number. Each room has a keyed lock. Your room will be unlocked and your key will be located under the lamp on your bedside table. If you have a car that is registered with PadSplit, you may park it in the driveway - street parking is not recommended due to street sweepers.


*Door codes are provided in a separate section of the Member's move-in day email. Hosts should generate door codes for each Member before move-in day. For instructions on how to update door codes before a move-in, see I have a move-in scheduled for my home. How do I prepare for move-in day?




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