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Think about move-ins on day one

Think about move-ins on day one

Last updated July 31, 2021

Our best Hosts think about Member move-ins before they even list their home.

Put yourself in the shoes of a PadSplit Member. He or she just paid their hard-earned money to move into your property, purely on a belief in what PadSplit stands for and a few pictures on their phone. Maybe they get off work late, maybe it’s dark. They’ve never been to the property, maybe they’re even new to the city. And they’re going to walk into that property and find their place to sleep so they can get up and go to work the next day. As a Host:


Label rooms clearly, like a hotel

We cannot emphasize this enough. Remember that Members don’t know which rooms are which unless they are labeled. When labeling a room, please remember to label it with both the room name and number.


Rehearse your own “move-in”

Rehearse your own “move-in”. Drive up to the property and think about where you’d think to park if it were your first time. How you’d enter through the main door and how you’d find your room if you’d never been in the house before. Try the code, or the key, to access the room. How did it go?


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