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Can I operate a PadSplit on my own?

Last updated March 31, 2023

It is always possible for a Host to own and operate their PadSplit properties. Nevertheless, most PadSplit properties are operated by a third-party property manager. Keep in mind that property managers occupy a crucial role in a PadSplit, since they are responsible for attending to Maintenance Tickets, Tech verifications, Move in/out management, Light Cleaning, etc. The complete list of responsibilities can be found here.

Don't know any property management vendor? Don't worry! PadSplit has created a Vendors Network full of vendors who understand the PadSplit model, have already adopted processes and procedures for managing PadSplits and can often address issues in an efficient manner based on experience. Each of our vendors has been screened, trained and advised. Just take a look in your dashboard or ask for help to your PadSplit sales rep!"

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