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I received a higher than usual utility bill. What should I do?

Last updated August 28, 2023

Because utilities are included in a Member’s weekly rate, Hosts are encouraged to estimate monthly bills and increase the efficiency of the home before listing on PadSplit.

Occasionally, even the best prepared Hosts will encounter a higher than usual utility bill. A higher utility bill can be due to several factors:

  • A maintenance problem like a leaky pipe, faulty thermostat, etc.
  • A billing issue with the utility provider like a rate change or new billing schedule
  • Seasonality
  • Overuse by Members

Every PadSplit Member is responsible for using the home’s utilities in an efficient manner. If a Host believes that a higher than usual utility bill is due to Member misuse, the costs may be passed on to Members. Please note:

  • Because utility bills do naturally fluctuate, only bills that are more than 15% above last month’s bill will be considered. In addition, only costs in excess of said 15% are eligible for pass through.
  • PadSplit encourages all Hosts to purchase unlimited internet contracts for their homes. Therefore, bills from internet service providers will not be considered.

To initiate a request for extra utility costs to be passed through to Members, please email with the following documents:

  • The utility bill in question
  • The utility bill from the previous month
  • The utility bill from the opposite season (if the home has been a PadSplit during that season)
  • Proof of a related maintenance inspection (ie. if a water bill, a plumber should be sent out to check for leaks)

Our team will review your documentation in a timely manner. If the documentation points to Member misuse of utilities, PadSplit will bill Members accordingly (in general, if there is no clearly responsible Member(s), PadSplit will split the amount due to the Host and bill each Member of the house). PadSplit will inform Members about the charge and encourage them to do their part to normalize usage and prevent another overage.