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Getting Your Room Ready to Rent

Getting Your Room Ready to Rent

PadSplit Hosts need to comply with all building codes including getting a Certificate of Occupancy.
PadSplit wants to make sure that Hosts and their properties are protected in case of an emergency. Hosts are required to have property and general liability insurance. If you are looking for a policy,
Have questions about Hosting with PadSplit? We've outlined some common topics below. Want more information? Attend one of our webinars or local meet-ups. Email for more information.
PadSplit, Hosts and Members share in the responsibilities needed to keep our community running smoothly. Please refer to the chart below to see what PadSplit, Hosts and Members are responsible for.  
Have questions about setting up your PadSplit? Our Host Resource Hub is full of dedicated resources to help prospective Hosts during the property selection, renovation, and optimization phases of thei
PadSplit helps investors leverage under-utilized space in their existing properties, making them more profitable and more affordable for community Members. Owners who manage properties through PadSpli
PadSplit is the country’s largest co-living marketplace that provides housing specifically designed for the workforce. We believe it’s possible to do well AND do good at the same time. Our award-winni