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Owner Responsibilities

Owner Responsibilities

There are many ways to improve your ranking.  Your ranking is a direct reflection of how Members feel about your property (see What is Member House Score). To maintain a good ranking, try to: Provide
At PadSplit we are problem-solvers, looking to solve the affordable housing crisis – one room at a time. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to access safe, clean housing options. Our Members
What is Member House Score? Your House Score, measures how satisfied your Members are with their experience. The score is measured 1-5, with 5 being the highest.  What does the question look like to M
The bulk of cleaning responsibilities fall on the members--it is simply uneconomical to provide cleaning services for distributed properties frequently enough. That said, we recommend the provision of
You must conduct a quality assurance check while members are living in the PadSplit. What is it?  An in-person, twice-monthly walkthrough of the property, including member’s rooms An opportunity to p
Whether you are selling a PadSplit you already own or contemplating buying an existing PadSplit from a current owner, there are several steps to take and considerations to make.  For a detailed outlin