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Owner Responsibilities

Owner Responsibilities

The bulk of cleaning responsibilities fall on the members--it is simply uneconomical to provide cleaning services for distributed properties frequently enough. That said, we recommend the provision of
At PadSplit we are problem-solvers, looking to solve the affordable housing crisis – one room at a time. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to access safe, clean housing options. Our Members
CSAT is short for “Customer Satisfaction Score” and it is a way to measure how satisfied your Members are with their experience. The score is measured 1-5, with 5 being the highest.    What does the q
You must conduct a quality assurance check while members are living in the PadSplit. What is it?  An in-person, twice-monthly walkthrough of the property, including member’s rooms An opportunity to p
Whether you are selling a PadSplit you already own or contemplating buying an existing PadSplit from a current owner, there are several steps to take and considerations to make.  For a detailed outlin
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