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Common PadSplit features

Last updated May 31, 2021

PadSplit recommends adding these important features in order to optimize the success of your property. 


Smart Lock

By installing a smart lock, Members can move themselves into your property even if you are not present to meet them. You can easily delete lock codes as Members depart without having to worry about changing locks. 



It should come as no surprise that in the age of the internet and staying connected, properties with Wi-Fi are much more desirable than those without. Members pay accordingly for a property equipped with WiFi and there is a very good chance that the availability of WiFi will turn Hosts more profit.



Heating is required in every US state to be legally habitable. Space heaters are not permitted due to risk of fire.


Air Conditioning

Be sure to check your state requirements for air conditioning policies as they tend to vary. If it gets hot in the area, it is a good idea to include air conditioning, despite what the law says. 


Nest thermostat

The biggest operating expense for any property is the energy consumed by the HVAC system. The easiest way to lower this expense is to efficiently control your thermostat. There are many ways to do this, but we have found that the easiest method is to install a smart thermostat locked with a pin code. Nest thermostats have been the easiest to install and the most reliable in our experience.


Air sealing

Small gaps at doors and fixtures all around your property let climate-controlled air out and raise Hosts’ electricity expenses. In most houses, those gaps can add up to the size of an open window. Air seal windows, caulk around outlets and fixtures and add weatherstripping to doors and windows. These small changes can result in saving a significant amount of money.


Fire stops

A firestop is an automatic fire extinguisher that goes above your stove and discharges in the event of a grease fire. 

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