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The Finishing Touches Before Listing Your PadSplit

The Finishing Touches Before Listing Your PadSplit

PadSplit recommends printing and laminating this set of posters to hang up in every home. These posters help reinforce the rules, promote cleanliness and protect your property. Please see our guide be
PadSplits should be designed and furnished to feel like home. The furnishings should be comfortable and meet the needs of Members. Please keep in mind that Members are not permitted to bring large pie
PadSplit places a strong emphasis on convenience and efficiency for both Members and Hosts. It is important to keep in mind that Members are not permitted to visit the home before move-in. It is impor
Unlike a traditional rental, utilities are included in the price paid by members. Hosts must ensure that the utilities are turned on and paid prior to listing the property. This process may take as lo
It’s best to budget a few hundred dollars for staging items and finishing touches after renovation is complete as a few minor additions can go a long way. Hire a professional real estate photographer
Preparing some basic cleaning supplies and toilet paper makes those first move-ins much easier. You should also buy another trash bin if there are more than 6 rooms in the house. 
We recommend conducting a stress test to check to see if your property is ready to be occupied by PadSplit Members:   Plumbing Run showers and sinks for 10 minutes to ensure water runs both cold and
Before listing your PadSplit, check to make sure that you have completed the following:  Make sure all utilities are in place Furnish the property and make it feel like home for your Members  Have