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Preparing to Manage a PadSplit

Preparing to Manage a PadSplit

PadSplit homes require much of the same maintenance that a traditional rental investment needs, though often at a higher frequency.    The work is both preventative (such as changing HVAC air filters)
It is always possible for a Host to own and operate their PadSplit properties. Nevertheless, most PadSplit properties are operated by a third-party property manager. Keep in mind that property manager
Below, please find three common models to consider as you structure your arrangements: Description Manager charges a either a flat fee or fixed percentage of revenue monthly (usually 8-15%) Ma
Developing robust accounting practices is critical to effectively managing PadSplits. In addition to any general overhead costs, there are six standard types of expenses that should be tracked for eve
Our best Hosts think about Member move-ins before they even list their home. Put yourself in the shoes of a PadSplit Member. He or she just paid their hard-earned money to move into your property, pur