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Membership Rules

Disputing a Key removal, Membership termination or fine

Last updated March 31, 2023

Depending on your home, either PadSplit or your Host will be responsible for Key Removals, Membership terminations and certain fines.

PadSplit is committed to offering a fair environment for our Members. If you feel that PadSplit or your Host has removed a Key, terminated your Membership or fined you in error, you may file a Dispute Request with PadSplit.

In order to be eligible for consideration under our Dispute Policy, Members must submit their dispute using the Dispute Request Form within 7 days of the disputed Key removal, Membership termination or fine.

If you are disputing your third Key removal and PadSplit Membership termination, you must move out of your current home. Disputes for Membership reinstatement will not be considered until your move-out is confirmed. If your dispute is approved, you will be able to apply to book a new room on the PadSplit platform. However, you will be prohibited from booking any room belonging to your former Host. In some cases, a single Host may own all of the PadSplits in an area.

Once you have filled out the Dispute Request Form, PadSplit will review your case. Dispute Requests will take 7-14 business days to process and you will be notified via email with the result. PadSplit will only consider returning Keys if there is clear and convincing evidence presented.

Please note, PadSplit always reserves the right to remove Keys, terminate Memberships and issue fines in certain circumstances. In addition, your Host always reserves the right to terminate your occupancy in their properties and/or formally file for eviction.

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