Marietta House. Comfortable & Modern

House info
8 bedrooms
2.5 bathrooms
Enjoy living in a modern House. This comfortable home is decorated with modern touches while providing the basic necessities. All that’s missing is you! The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, sink, oven, stovetop. It’s the perfect spot for you to cook at home and save money. The surrounding location is quiet, making it the perfect place to call home.
5 out of 7 parking spots available
Garage parking (0 spots)
Driveway parking (5 spots)
Street parking (2 spots)
Move-in times
Mon – Fri
Sat – Sun
Hosted by
PMI Atlanta West
Host since 2020
Select your room
3 rooms available
Each room comes furnished with a bed and a place to put your clothes. Bed linens are not provided so please bring your own. Only one occupant allowed per room.
Room 5
Standard room size
Shared full bathroom
Full bed
Reach-in closet
Punch Code Lock
/ week
+$196 move-in fee
Room 8
Cozy room size
Shared full bathroom
Twin beds
Punch Code Lock
/ week
+$196 move-in fee
Room 6
Standard room size
Shared full bathroom
Full bed
Punch Code Lock
/ week
+$195 move-in fee
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Our commitment to safety
We care about your safety. Here are some of the ways we show it:
We run background checks on all PadSplit Members.
Know how your room locks before you book.
Free transfer within 14 days to a different room or PadSplit.
Washer & Dryer
Rules violation may result in a Membership fine.
No pets except service dogs
No kitchen appliances in bedrooms
Due to the nature of co-living, no guests allowed
No overnight guests allowed
Quiet time is observed from 11PM to 9AM daily
No outside furniture allowed
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