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Parking at your PadSplit

Last updated August 28, 2023

Most PadSplit homes come with a variety of places to park, including a driveway, a carport or street spots. Please note that there are no assigned parking spots.

Occasionally, a Host may restrict vehicles if the maximum number of vehicles at a property is reached. If a PadSplit is restricting vehicles, it will be visible in your room's listing before booking. Members may only bring a vehicle if it is registered for an open spot.

If the room you book allows you to bring a vehicle, the following rules must be followed. Violations of these rules are subject to our Member Behavior Management at PadSplit (formerly the 3 Keys Policy)and/or towing.

  • Members are only allowed to bring a vehicle to properties with open spaces (open spaces are shown at booking). If a Member's property has a space for their car, Members are allowed only one vehicle at a property and must register this vehicle with PadSplit.
  • Vehicles must be properly registered with the state.
  • Vehicles cannot block other vehicles, mailboxes or trash bins. Members cannot park on the grass or in the yard at their PadSplits. These areas are no parking zones. When parking in the driveway, Members should make sure their vehicle does not touch a neighbor's property. Vehicles that are abandoned or blocking access will be towed at the Member's expense.
  • Members are not allowed to do work on their vehicle at a PadSplit, other than changing a flat tire.