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Ramiro M.
Dallas, TX
It was smooth and easy.
Kindall P.
Dallas, TX
Quick and easy, thank you.
Michael F.
Dallas, TX
Absolutely no issues everything went as expected
Richard C.
Dallas, TX
Very Pleased With This Entire Process..I Will Be Sharing The Blessibg Of Padsplit..THANK YOU..
Sheree G.
Dallas, TX
My move was easy and awesome no complaints, here beautiful house and neighborhood.
Frequently asked questions
What are the benefits of living in a PadSplit?
Living in a PadSplit is different from traditional rentals. Members only pay one bill each week, and it covers a private furnished room, all utilities, and free credit reporting. To be approved, you don’t need a minimum credit score, and you won’t have to pay a big security deposit. PadSplit reports Membership payments to help our Members build their credit histories and improve their credit scores. Through our partnership with Esusu partnership, 95% of PadSplit Members have seen an improvement in their credit score. On average, Members save $420 a month while living in a PadSplit, allowing Members to purchase a car, and pay off their credit cards.
How much does it cost to rent a room in Carrollton, TX?
Room rentals in Carrollton, TX start at $147 per week ($637 per month) on PadSplit.
How much can I save by renting with PadSplit in Carrollton, TX?
PadSplit Members can save hundreds of dollars compared with traditional rentals. When you live in a PadSplit, you pay one bill each week which covers your rent, utilities, and free perks like credit reporting and telehealth services. Not only are you saving money, but you’re building your credit score with each on-time payment. Check out our Member Savings Calculator to see how much you can save.
How do I find a roommate in Carrollton, TX?
Finding a home with roommates in Carrollton, TX is easy on PadSplit. PadSplit removes the time, stress, and guesswork. Once you become a member, you can browse our properties and see who else is living in the home! All roommates, or PadMates as we call them, are background checked, which makes finding a vetted roommate as streamlined as possible!
Is living with roommates safe in Carrollton, TX?
To foster a trusted co-living environment in Carrollton, TX, PadSplit requires all members to verify their identity and pass a criminal background check. We also require all rooms to be equipped with a personal lock that can be used at the discretion of each individual member. Finally, we allow members to transfer to another PadSplit home for no additional fees within their first 14 days. Transfers are also possible after 14 days for a fee. Check out our membership criteria and how PadSplit stands out when it comes to safe co-living!
What comes included with a PadSplit rental in Carrollton, TX?
PadSplit homes in Carrollton, TX always include wifi, utilities, and laundry access. For an added benefit, we offer complimentary services including tele-medicine appointments and positive reports to credit bureaus when you pay your dues on time. Take a look at our Member Savings Calculator to see how much you can save!