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Are you looking for international student housing? Our rooms for rent provide a seamless experience to help you find the perfect place to stay during your academic journey in the U.S. 


More than a room

We offer more than just modern, furnished rooms. Our amenities are designed to make your life as easy as possible and provide you with a comfortable place to stay while studying abroad. PadSplit is one of the top providers of student housing:

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    Rooms as low as $149/week

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    No long leases

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    No deposits

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    Telemed visits included

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    All utilities and Wi-Fi included


Move-in ready

As the largest coliving marketplace in North America, we have thousands of rooms for rent to ensure you find the perfect fit. You can move in as early as tomorrow and avoid worrying about finding furniture or roommates. 


Why choose us?

Efficient visa verification
Efficient visa verification

Once you've uploaded an image of yourself along with your U.S. visa, we promptly authenticate the visa for accuracy.

No credit score required
No credit score required

We understand the challenges international students face when it comes to credit scores. Our platform eliminates this barrier, making it an ideal solution for students from around the world.

Upfront payment options
Upfront payment options

We accept upfront payments to secure your chosen room.

How to apply as a visa holder?

Visa holders should start the application the same way as any other member. Follow these steps once you reach the “Personal” step of the application:

Enter your name and birth date, then select 'Apply with a U.S. Visa' to proceed.


You will be asked to enter your passport number and the issuing country.


After completing the Payment page, where you submit the application fee, you'll advance to the 'Identity Verification' section. Here, you'll be asked to upload a picture of your U.S. visa document and a photo of yourself. The facial image will be used to confirm your identity in comparison to the visa document and will also be set as your profile picture.


Once your identity has been confirmed, we will proceed to verify your income. You have several options to choose from:


Upon successfully completing these steps, you will be approved for a designated room price and can proceed to rent a room!

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your international student experience. Join us today and embark on a journey where convenience, community, and comfort come together.

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