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Renovating a Home to PadSplit

Renovating a Home to PadSplit

Our Host Resource Hub is full of dedicated resources to help prospective Hosts during the renovation phase of their Host journey. If you still have questions during the process, you can reach out to y
PadSplit recommends adding these important features in order to optimize the success of your property.    Smart Lock By installing a smart lock, Members can move themselves into your property even if
Most Hosts rely on a general contractor (GC) to renovate the property and get it ready to PadSplit. We highly recommend partnering with licensed GCs in your area with a strong track record. Another op
The answer to this question varies depending on the property’s size and condition. It is advisable to budget about $1,000 per bedroom for furnishing and staging. Keep in mind the other renovations tha
In general, there are 3 phases a property must complete before it can be listed on PadSplit: pre-renovation, conversion and listing preparation. Within each phase, there are tasks that must be complet