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Who cleans the home?

Last updated February 22, 2021

In most PadSplits, the Members of the home are responsible for cleaning and purchasing cleaning supplies. Talk to your housemates about a cleaning schedule and how best to share this responsibility and cost.

In general, a clean home means:



  • The sink is always empty and the stove is always spotless.

  • Every time you use a dish, pan or utensil, clean it, dry it and put it away. Want to soak something? Heat it up and clean it instead. 

  • Clean up any splatters on the stove immediately. Put away pots and pans that aren’t in use.


  • Shared bathrooms must be kept clean at all times. 

  • No foreign objects may be thrown in the toilets or sinks at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, feminine products, wet wipes, packaging, dental floss and hair. Fixing clogged toilets and sinks can run to several hundred dollars and these costs will be passed through directly to members.


  • All trash must be thrown in the proper receptacle. Please take out trash before the receptacle gets too full. 
  • All trash must be placed in the proper outside trash bin. Outside trash bins need to be pulled to the curb on trash day and pulled back to the home after pickup.