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Can Members cancel their move-in?

Last updated August 28, 2023

PadSplit's cancellation policy maintains flexibility for Members and proper compensation for Hosts.

Members are able to cancel a move-in up to 8:00pm EST the day before. Refunds are issued based on the day and time of a Member's cancellation (see chart below).

Members who believe that the quality of their PadSplit room was not as advertised or up to specification may request a free transfer or refund on move-in day if they meet these criteria. In addition, Members are granted a free transfer within 14 days of their first PadSplit move-in.

Cancellation Made Refund Available
1-48 hours after booking and before 8:00pm EST on the day before move-in Full refund (prepaid dues + move-in fee) with a $25 cancellation fee
48+ hours after booking through 8:00pm EST on the day before move-in Only prepaid dues refunded (move-in fee is non-refundable)
After 8:00pm EST on the day before move-in No refund available (move-in fee and 1st week's dues are non-refundable). If using their free transfer, remaining 1st weeks dues will be applied to the new home. In order to leave PadSplit, Members must schedule a move-out date.