Find A Furnished Room Fast: Here’s Why PadSplit is Your Best Option

June 09, 2022

According to The Washington Post, rent prices are rising everywhere, especially in such desirable Sun Belt locations as Texas and Florida. The reasons are complex but can be traced to the basic economic concept of supply and demand: Home construction has slowed due to materials shortages while, at the same time more older adults and students have relocated, and gig workers are searching for rentals. When would-be buyers and tenants vie for the same affordable housing, prices skyrocket.

As we navigate these unprecedented times and contemplate such expenses as buying a vehicle or trying out a new restaurant, we often ask trusted friends, family, and acquaintances for recommendations. We might even turn to a stranger exiting a movie for a quick review to determine whether it’s worth the price of a ticket and popcorn. We tend to trust that “gut feeling” we get from hearing or reading real stories, third-party validations, and testimonials. That same word-of-mouth principle applies to finding furnished rooms.

         Read what satisfied PadSplit residents have to say about their experiences as they searched for their perfect home:

Terry’s Affordable Housing Solution

Find Affordable Housing Options in Houston with PadSplit.
Find Affordable Housing Options in Houston with PadSplit.

         Smart renters are finding furnished rooms in Houston through PadSplit. Following the advice of New York Times experts, PadSplit member Terry crunched the numbers to see how her disability income measured up to the tried-and-true 30% rule: Simply stated, you should pay no more than 30% of your gross pay on rent. Terry quickly found the rule to be unrealistic and outdated in today’s atmosphere of inflation and shortages. She knew that after paying for essentials her disposable income wasn’t sufficient for a traditional rental.

That’s when she decided to explore the possibility of renting a PadSplit furnished room while she awaits a Houston senior housing opening, a process that typically takes anywhere from 12-24 months. Terry found that PadSplit was the perfect solution. One of the first of many PadSplit advantages that drew Terry to PadSplit was their affordable move-in process.

“Often when you want to move to a new place, there’s a non-refundable application fee,” says Terry. “Then you have to pay the first and last month’s rent, and, in my case, a pet fee. And that doesn’t include the deposits needed to turn on utilities like water or electricity.”

PadSplit eliminates those hidden fees for its members and hosts ensure that furnished rooms are move-in ready. Members like Terry can expect necessary utilities, including Wi-Fi, to be up and running from the start and, unlike traditional rentals, utility costs are included in the all-inclusive rent Terry pays—no more holding her breath to see if her monthly check will stretch far enough. PadSplit even accepted Terry’s certified service dog, Bisou.

Jacqueline’s Alternative to Dorm Life  

Pursuing her dream to become a nurse, Jacqueline enrolled in the perfect Houston college. Knowing her stay in Houston would likely be temporary, she initially opted for an Airbnb. But then, reality struck. “I know what I can spend each week because of my budget, and Airbnb was too expensive,” says Jacqueline. “Staying there wasn’t sustainable, but I knew I couldn’t afford an apartment on my own.”

She dismissed the option of a dormitory: Despite some benefits, dorm living comes with potential drawbacks to consider before opting in. They aren’t known for spacious accommodations, and privacy is hard to come by since most dorm residents have at least one roommate. A PadSplit furnished room with optional parking for her vehicle was just the answer for Jacqueline. Determined to succeed in the rigorous nursing program, she was also glad to discover that her room allowed her plenty of quiet time to study. Having left her California family to attend school, though, Jacqueline worried that her busy work and school schedules would allow little time to make friends and enjoy Houston’s many amenities. She was glad to discover that in a PadSplit home, you control the amount of interaction you want and when you want it—all from the comfort of your own space. It’s been easy for Jacqueline to build a community of friends in her PadSplit home.

Venetia’s Home Away From Home

Affordable Housing for Professionals in Houston with PadSplit.
Affordable Housing for Professionals in Houston with PadSplit.

When asked to temporarily relocate from Orlando to Jacksonville, Florida, Venetia quickly agreed to the assignment and started packing. She was determined to avoid the costs normally associated with a move, including paying a large security deposit and committing to a year’s lease. As she explored online options, PadSplit caught her eye because of an important advantage over traditional extended stay agreements: PadSplit members can stay for as long as they need after their initial month, with payments made on a weekly or bi-weekly basis—with no security deposits. Just the thing for a young professional like Venetia.

Another advantage is PadSplit’s mission to put members’ preferences first. “I discovered I needed a larger room,” says Venetia. She was pleased to discover that membership, effective after her initial rental payment, allowed for one no-cost relocation. She was able to transfer to a more suitable room with no hassle.

When she first moved to Jacksonville, she regarded PadSplit as a stepping stone to a more traditional apartment, but as she reviewed budgetary and other advantages, she decided to stick with the PadSplit lifestyle. With its convenient move-in process, flexible terms, and affordability, Venetia has become a PadSplit advocate, readily recommending it to work colleagues and friends.

Venetia also appreciates that while members are responsible for keeping their own furnished room a clean and secure environment, most PadSplit locations also provide laundry facilities and a once-monthly cleaning service targeting collective, shared areas.

Adolphus’ PadSplit Savings Add Up to Success

Non-standard and gig work is booming as workers like Adolphus await traditional, long-term employer-employee relationships. Grateful for the experience a temporary job would provide, he moved to Houston on an engineering assignment in the hopes of making it permanent. Intrigued by PadSplit’s Facebook page, he was drawn to the appeal of a furnished room and quiet lodgings that suited his second shift schedule, along with trustworthy housemates.   

PadSplit seeks kind, independent, responsible, and respectful members who are open to living in a secure, shared community—and who also know that security is key to making that a success. He appreciates that he and his neighbors were subject to background checks and employment verification, helping ease his mind about just who his housemates are. Straightforward membership rules remind PadSplit guests that their comfort depends on adhering to high standards set by PadSplit’s governing body: Covering everything from guest policy to vehicle parking, clearly stated membership rules leave no room for ambiguity, which ensures members can enjoy a well-regulated community from day one—and allow Adolphus to come and go at the unusual hours his work requires. He also appreciates PadSplit’s proximity to his employer and that much planning goes into ensuring existing and planned locations are close to major employment centers and public transportation hubs.

With an Eye Toward the Future

Another advantage that Adolphus and other PadSplit residents enjoy is the ability to bank the savings they realize from spending less on rent, utilities, deposits, and fees. As they make important life decisions to move to a new career, an apartment, a house, or a different city, they know that they are good stewards of their money by trusting the PadSplit option.

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