Need a Short-Term Living Arrangement? Extended Stay Motels vs. PadSplit

April 14, 2022

Thanks to rising rent costs and the lack of affordable housing options, extended stay motels have become a de facto housing alternative for many community members. 

The only recent survey of extended stay motels was done in Norcross, GA, and found that 84% of occupants lived there as a primary residence, while 22% had lived there for more than three years.

When you need a short-term living arrangement, extended stay motels can offer the necessary flexibility and immediacy. Whether you’re in-between homes, in town for a temporary job, or visiting a new city for a while, extended stay motels offer flexibility and an immediate home. Still, there are some things you should consider before you rent a room at an extended stay motel.

Here’s a quick guide comparing the pros and cons of extended stay motels to PadSplit for short-term living arrangements.

What’s an Extended Stay motel?

Different than a traditional overnight hotel, an extended stay motel is a motel that offers longer-term (more than a couple of nights) accommodations for guests. Depending on the facility, guests will sometimes have access to amenities such as in-suite kitchenettes, self-serve laundry, a pool, a gym, and WiFi.

Extended stay motels come in a wide range of price and styles. Some extended stay motels are set up like a studio-style apartment with a kitchenette so you can prepare some food in your room. Others offer square footage and multiple bedrooms. As you can imagine, the more straightforward options tend to be more affordable while the luxury options are more costly.

The rates of extended stay motels are determined just like a standard motel room. Key factors that influence rate are your arrival date, departure date, location of the property, time of year, and if there are any significant events taking place nearby. These factors mean that your rate could fluctuate over time. The longer you stay, the more likely you will see substantial changes in price week to week. 

Since every extended stay motel is unique, so are the limits on how long you can stay. Some may allow you to stay indefinitely. Others might limit you to a few weeks or months. This adds uncertainty and can be challenging if you’re looking for a short-term living arrangement.

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Pros of Extended Stay Motels

  • No lease required
  • No security deposit
  • Furnished rooms
  • In-Room kitchenette
  • Free WiFi
  • Access to amenities like laundry facilities, pool, and gym
  • May offer cleaning services 

Cons of Extended Stay Motels

  • Rates may fluctuate
  • There may be limits on how long you can stay
  • Must pay to use onsite laundry facilities
  • You don’t have a permanent mailing address

PadSplit: The Best Alternative to Extended Stay Motels

PadSplit is a membership program that offers affordable alternatives to traditional living arrangements. When you live in a PadSplit, you get everything you need for one low weekly payment.

PadSplit doesn’t require a minimum credit score, long lease, or huge security deposit to move in. Once you’ve selected your room, you pay one low, weekly fee that covers everything. Rooms start at $119 a week, and prices vary depending on location and amenities such as private bathrooms.

How Does PadSplit Work?

PadSplit partners with property owners to help manage their properties for our Members. PadSplit facilitates the relationships between everyone and handles all the paperwork like payment processing and background checks.

These properties are private homes that have been converted into co-living spaces. Private rooms are secure and near urban centers and public transportation.

Like an extended stay motel, you get a private, furnished room with a short-term living arrangement flexibility. Unlike an extended stay motel, PadSplit offers fixed weekly payments, often half the price. Your weekly rent also includes utilities and internet access. There are no limits on how long you can stay.  
PadSplit is more than a room; it’s also a path to a better future for residents. Members get access to exclusive Member Perks such as credit reporting and free telemedicine services. In fact, 95% of PadSplit Members see an increase in their credit scores thanks to the weekly rent reporting – at no cost to them!

Pros of PadSplit

  • No long-term lease required
  • No security deposits
  • Multiple locations across metro areas
  • Fixed, weekly rate includes utilities and WiFi
  • Furnished private room
  • Laundry access
  • Free credit building through rent reporting
  • Access to telemedicine services
  • Dedicated Member Support

Cons of PadSplit

  • Single occupancy only
  • May have to share a bathroom
  • No pets allowed (exceptions can be made for certified service dogs with prior approval)

Become a PadSplit Member

Becoming a PadSplit Member is easy! There is a small fee to cover your background check, and you can upload your pay stubs for almost instant approval. Once approved, you can search for rooms for rent, secure your booking, and move in within 48 hours.


While extended stay hotels offer convenient and flexible housing options for short-term living arrangements, they aren’t always easy on the wallet. Over time, the price you pay for living in an extended stay motel may be the same as an apartment, making it difficult to save money. With PadSplit, you can get the same convenience and flexibility as extended stay motels for half the price. 

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