After spending $1,800/month on an extended stay motel, Winston now saves $1,000/month with PadSplit.

After spending $1,800/month on an extended stay motel, Winston now saves $1,000/month with PadSplit.

Winston, a graphic designer in Atlanta, Georgia, embarked on his journey with PadSplit in 2023 after a friend shared their positive experience. He was residing in a costly extended stay motel in Cobb County, shelling out a hefty $1,800 a month for subpar living conditions.

Upon being accepted into PadSplit, Winston eagerly became one of the first members to select a room. He immediately found his ideal space right from the start.

“It’s most definitely cozier than an extended stay motel,” says Winston.

Joining a new community

Beyond the physical comforts of his new space and the appealing neighborhood, Winston found solace in the communal lifestyle PadSplit offered. It proved to be a stark contrast to his previous living situation. Unlike the isolation and discomfort he experienced among transient neighbors in the extended stay, PadSplit provided a stable, secure, and amiable environment.

Winston quickly bonded with his fellow PadMates, relishing in the tight-knit community vibe. The PadMates have formed strong bonds and enjoy regular game nights playing UNO and Taboo together. They also cook for one another, which has fostered a familial atmosphere that resonated deeply with him.

“Everyone supports each other here,” says Winston. “With an extended stay motel, you’re isolated. You can’t trust your neighbors because people come and go so much. [In my PadSplit], people take care of each other when someone is in need.”

Achieving financial freedom

The most significant boon for Winston has been the financial relief PadSplit afforded him. Recognizing the scarcity of affordable options for individuals unable to shoulder the burden of solo living in bustling areas like Atlanta or its suburbs, Winston lauds PadSplit for its economic viability.

“Financially, PadSplit is a great decision if you’re not in a position to rent a space by yourself. It’s the most economical decision to make,” says Winston.

Winston expresses gratitude towards PadSplit for providing him with financial stability and for facilitating meaningful connections within a new community. He intends to maintain these friendships when his housemates eventually move on.

Winston’s experience exemplifies PadSplit’s transformative impact, offering not just cost-effective housing alternatives to traditional rentals and motels but also nurturing a sense of belonging that truly transforms a house into a home.

For Winston, PadSplit has proven to be the perfect blend of affordability and community, significantly enriching his quality of life in Atlanta.

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