How to become a
PadSplit member
Step 1
Fill out a membership application
Our homes are only available to PadSplit members. To get started, we'll need basic information like your name and email. For safety, we conduct background checks, so we’ll also need your SSN / ITIN and we’ll need to verify your employment and income.
Step 2
Choose your room
When you’re accepted as a member, you'll be able to select the specific room you want in the house of your choice.
Step 3
Lock it down
Once you've chosen your room, you'll pay your first membership fee. This is a simple, weekly fee that covers your room and all other PadSplit benefits like utilities, WiFi, laundry, and furnishings.
Step 4
Get moving!
On move-in day, you’ll receive an email with everything you’ll need to get settled into your new space. Then you’re all set! It’s time to start saving and planning for your future.
What are you waiting for?
Take the keys
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