Wilford has saved $2,000 since moving into a PadSplit


Wilford has saved $2,000 since moving into a PadSplit

When PadSplit Member Wilford moved to Atlanta in 2019, it wasn’t his first time calling the city home. He’d lived here once before, but he says his move in 2019 was “for good”.

He spent his first year and a half back in Atlanta bouncing from one short-term rental to another. “I’d seen PadSplit ads on the train, but I’d never looked into it. I assumed it was the same price as my Airbnb.”

After jumping from one Airbnb to another month after month, Wilford decided it was time to plant more permanent roots. Wilford doesn’t own a car, and many of his recent Airbnbs were far too far from public transit. In addition to that, Wilford wasn’t able to receive mail at his short-term rentals for the year and a half he lived in Airbnbs.

“I had a place to live, but I didn’t have an actual address for a year and a half. When you don’t have little conveniences like that, you appreciate them more when they are restored. I needed a copy of my birth certificate, but I couldn’t get it delivered because I didn’t have a mailing address.”

Wilford finally decided to check out PadSplit and submitted an application within a matter of minutes. “When I was looking at rooms available on PadSplit, it was nice to know property listings showed the distance to bus stops and train stations since I don’t have a car.”

After submitting an application, Wilford was surprised at how quickly he was approved. “I was surprised at how easy it was. I was approved and then moved in a few days later.”

And his move-in was well-timed. Weeks later, he accepted a new position working remotely for a company. An important part of the job? Access to stable wifi and the ability to receive packages, like his work computer, for his new role.

“I wouldn’t have been able to accept the job if I lived somewhere else.”

Wilford says for the most part, his PadMates are polite, cordial, and keep to themselves. He transferred to a new PadSplit earlier this summer when he experienced WiFi issues, but he eventually transferred back to his old home because he missed the location. “My current PadSplit is within walking distance to a bus stop, which made it easy for me to get to and from the gym every day this summer.”

It isn’t just the proximity to public transportation or ability to receive mail that’s kept Wilford at PadSplit for more than 7 months. Wilford’s weekly membership dues cover everything he needs: his private room, utilities, WiFi, and Member Perks. Paying an all-inclusive bill has helped him save more than $2,000 since moving in. “I honestly thought Airbnb and PadSplit were going to be the same economically. I quickly realized I was wrong.”

“I have more money in savings now than I’ve had since moving to Atlanta, and that’s because I live in a PadSplit.”

Wilford is excited about one day getting an apartment of his own, but he says PadSplit has given him more options than he’s had in a while. “It’s not just about moving to a new place. I’ve finally established a financial cushion that helps me feel safe and secure.”

If Wilford could go back, he says he’d tell all his former Airbnb roommates about PadSplit. “My only regret is that I didn’t do PadSplit when I first moved to Atlanta in 2019.”

At PadSplit, we open doors to new opportunities for Members like Wilford every day. Are you ready to start saving money? Become a PadSplit Member today.

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