After moving to get closer to her sister, Nical found herself needing to move suddenly. That’s when she turns to PadSplit for help.


Nical Rambo was born in Massachusetts but raised in New York state. Being raised in the city’s outskirts made her upbringing closer to the country style of the south than the bustling city life of New York City. The cold town was very laid back, only about 20 miles south of Canada. This is where Nical lived until about the age of 21, when she knew she needed to move to live closer to her family in Texas. She lived in Texas for 30 years, raising her kids in Port Neches. 

When Nical was in high school, she dreamed of becoming a cardiologist. After applying for the doctorates program, Nical was hit with many life curves after having her first child. She knew she wouldn’t be able to juggle both her life and the doctorate program, so she decided to pursue nursing and got her nursing associate’s from the University of the State of New York. She furthered her studies when she moved to Texas and got her LPN from a technical school. She fell in love with nursing. She knew that she wanted to help those in need, and she excelled at it. Currently, Nical is a Registered Nurse of 32 years and is now a veteran in her field. 

A couple of years ago, Nical’s decided to move to live closer to her best friend, her sister. A few years after moving, Nical’s sister had passed, and her living situation became unbearable. She knew she needed to leave but couldn’t manage to commit to a lease or pay the moving expenses that traditional rentals require. And thus, Nical began her search. She started by looking through the local newspaper for rooms to rent. Having no luck there, Nical googled “rooms for rent,” hoping to find someone with available space in Houston through a site like Craigslist, but instead, Nical ended up finding PadSplit.

“This is even better,” Nical thought. “More people need to know about this!” Nical was shocked by the affordability of the rooms and immediately applied. Nical was already in her new PadSplit room within a couple of days. “I had a nice spacious room, and the rent was very reasonable- around $128 a week- and it was super convenient; close to my job, I didn’t have to worry about other commitments. I just wanted to focus on getting stabilized in my job.” She loved her room and her PadMates during her time with PadSplit, saying, “I’m still close friends with my PadMates” She even met one of her closest friends through PadSplit when she realized that her PadMate was also a nurse and close to her age. 

“I 100% would recommend PadSplit to others. I already have. PadSplit is now a part of my vocabulary.”

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